Apocalypse Gachapon

Chapter 812: Strengthening Body

Chapter 812: Strengthening Body

Ye Zhongming had seen set stats before. The Holy Army Coat had set stats; the modified Holy Army Coat did, too. Ye Zhongming studied them, and had to admit they were very good.

However, set equipment was limited in its use and subject to special restrictions. For example, the Black Solid Set was prepared for battle beasts. The modified Holy Army Coat became the specific set for certain jobs. Only then could the set be used to its biggest advantage.

But it was different this time. Ye Zhongming witnessed the strength of the country product.

Increase in strength, defense, recovery, earth element abilities, reducing earth element damage taken and effect of gravity… Just these passives alone would make any other equipment a top one.

These were all buffs, which meant that if the survivor got stronger, the buffs would increase, and the stats would never fall behind.

However, these stats were all gathered on one ability. Even Ye Zhongming was tempted when he saw it.

The stronger thing was the Earth Nurture effect. Every 1450 hours, you would obtain an earth gift.

This gift was special as their source was the earth itself, but it wasn’t easy to understand.

Any Earth Equipment did not have the ability to absorb energy. Since that was the case, how would it obtain energy? Where would you store it?

But this wasn’t the key to the problem. The key was that this energy could do many things.

For example, you can heal, recover mental energy, repair equipment, remove debuffs, and remove marks. If you didn’t choose to use these methods or if energy remained, you could use it to strengthen your body, increasing your basic stats.

This was the core of this ability!

Healing injuries and removing debuffs were often something only special potions or jobs could do. This ability could even increase your basic stats, making it a god technique!

The cooldown time was very long, close to 1500 hours. This was a small problem, but from another angle, it meant that the energy obtained wouldn’t be small. It would be a shocking amount. Then, if you used it to improve your body, how many benefits would it bring to your own body?

Moreover, this wasn’t a one-time use. If you continued to own the set, you could obtain an increase every two months. Six times a year, 60 times in ten years…

Ye Zhongming didn’t dare to continue imagining.

He knew that if he continued with the set, he would only get stronger!

He placed the sniper rifle on his leg and felt the benefits that the Earth Set brought him. He decided to use Earth Gift once.

The space prohibited some types of energy, so he could only rely on his body to fight. If his body got stronger, he would become much more powerful, and it would be easier for him to deal with the upcoming fights.

He activated the ability and felt a surging power flow off his body and into his mind. This power was so thick that it hurt his body.

Ye Zhongming knew what he needed to do. He repaired the equipment that had been damaged since he obtained it-- Protector Cloak.

The protective equipment he obtained from the competition death wheel was the strongest defensive equipment. Unfortunately, it was damaged and needed repair. The Treasure Nurturing Gourd’s level wasn’t high enough, and Ye Zhongming didn’t know how to repair it, so he could only keep it.

Looking at the stats, it was suitable for Park Xiuying. Not only did it have the ripple defense ability, it also had Thorn Light and Mental Energy Return, which were suitable for support jobs.RE𝒂ad updated st𝒐ries at n/𝒐/vel/bin(.)com

Now that he had Earth Gift, it was the correct time to repair it.

The blue equipment was covered in a ripple. It started to spread from where Ye Zhongming touched it. Any place that the light touched would be repaired.

In just half a minute, this equipment was flawless.

Ye Zhongming smiled. Teacher Park will be safer in the future.

Ye Zhongming compared and saw that the energy he got from Earth Gift had reduced by a fifth.

Ye Zhongming chose to heal his injuries to ensure that he was in his best state before he entered the next space. He would strengthen his body with the remaining power.

This power entered his body and nourished every cell. Ye Zhongming was addicted to that feeling of slowly becoming stronger. This was different from when you consumed the evolution potion. That was painful. If one’s body was a cup, evolution forcefully expanded it so naturally it didn’t feel good. This energy helped to thicken the walls of the cup and make it tougher.

These were two different methods.

But you could imagine that the pain from the next evolution would reduce with thicker walls.

Of course, this was just an added benefit. The real benefit was that Ye Zhongming’s body would become much stronger.

When Earth Gift strengthened Ye Zhongming and entered cooldown, Ye Zhongming could sense that his body was much stronger. It was in all areas; even his mental energy had increased.

Mental energy was Ye Zhongming’s strength. He ate the Brain Bug, cultivated the Soul Refining Technique, and had many jobs. He had an ocean amount of mental energy so mental energy increase wouldn’t seem so obvious as he had too much.

But this time, he felt an obvious increase. One could imagine how effective this energy was to all areas of his body.

Power, speed, agility, senses… After a series of tests, Ye Zhongming could confirm that his body had nearly reached the level of an eight-star evolved.

Even if there was a difference, it wasn’t much!

In other words, if the Chain Prisoner’s height was restricted to Ye Zhongming’s and both sides didn’t use skills, Ye Zhongming wouldn’t be afraid of it.

Ye Zhongming laughed and stepped into the next space.

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