Building a Business Empire with my Technological System

Chapter 96 The Flight

Chapter 96  The Flight

September 10th, 2023, marked another day in the life of Michael Reyes, now in his third year, first semester, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Only four semesters stood between him and his diploma. Despite the heavyweight of his duties at SolaraTech, where his team strove under his guidance to dominate the market, Michael managed to not only attend to his academic obligations but also excel in them, securing awards and certificates that served as testaments to his dedication to finishing his studies, which is one of the dreams of his mother.

Michael's days were meticulously partitioned between academia and leadership. Mornings found him immersed in the world of engineering at the university, absorbing knowledge and participating actively in class discussions. His afternoons and evenings were spent at the PSE tower, the headquarters of SolaraTech, where he would delve into the complexities of managing a burgeoning enterprise in the competitive arena of renewable energy. However, today's afternoon is going to be different. While he was listening to the professor that is teaching them about heat transfer, his cell phone buzzed in his pocket.

Michael discreetly pulled it out, glancing at the screen to find a text message from Bridget.  [You need to be at the airport before 7 o'clock this evening,] it read.

Today was the day when he would fly out of the country, and head to Germany, Bridget's home country, and meet key people in the renewable energy sector to promote his solar panel technology. The opportunity was too crucial to pass up, offering potential breakthroughs for SolaraTech on an international scale.

Michael's class was scheduled to end at three o'clock, but leaving right after would mean getting caught in the city's notorious rush hour. They had discussed this possibility, but Bridget had a solution in mind to ensure he wouldn't be late for their flight

[Leave class early today. I've arranged a helicopter to pick you up at four-thirty. But you must be at this building's rooftop. We can't afford any delays,] her message continued.

Reading that, made Michael's heart flutter slightly. Imagine getting picked up by a helicopter, which is a luxury for even rich people. However, for Bridget and SolaraTech, it seemed no expense was spared when it came to ensuring the success of their mission.


And so Michael waited for the class to end, which was scheduled to end at three o'clock in the afternoon. As the class neared its conclusion, the professor handed them a few problem sets that were to be passed by the next meeting. Michael quickly gathered his things and left the classroom. He went to the parking area where his pickup truck was parked. And on its cargo bed was a number of suitcases and a travel bag, all carefully packed and ready for the trip. He had meticulously prepared everything the night before, ensuring he wouldn't forget anything essential for his meetings and stay in Germany. The building was located near Cubao, it was a high-end residential building with a helipad on its roof, specifically designed to accommodate the needs of its affluent residents and their guests. Michael made his way there, driving through the bustling streets of Quezon City.

Upon arrival at the building, Michael parked his truck in an allocated spot reserved for him, courtesy of Bridget's arrangements. He quickly made his way to the building's entrance, where a security guard, already informed of his arrival, greeted him and escorted him to the elevator. The swift ascent to the rooftop gave Michael a moment of respite, a chance to collect his thoughts and mentally prepare for the journey ahead.

Stepping out onto the rooftop, Michael was greeted by the sight of the helicopter, its blades slowly starting to rotate, ready for takeoff. Based on its appearance, the helicopter is a Bell 429 GlobalRanger, a state-of-the-art aircraft known for its speed, range, and comfort. Its sleek design and spacious cabin made it a preferred choice for VIP transport and urgent business travels. Bridget had truly gone all out in ensuring that Michael's journey to the airport was as efficient and comfortable as possible.

The pilot, clad in a professional uniform, stepped out to greet him. "Mr. Reyes, we're ready to depart as soon as you're on board," he said with a courteous nod. "Do you need help with your luggage?"

Michael nodded and allowed the pilot to assist with his luggage, appreciating the level of service. Once everything was securely stowed, Michael climbed into the helicopter, strapping himself in as the pilot made final checks. The engine's hum grew louder, and within moments, they were lifting off the rooftop, ascending into the sky above Quezon City.

As they flew towards Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Michael couldn't help but marvel at the view. The sprawling metropolis stretched out beneath him, a vast network of roads, buildings, and lights. A few years ago, Michael would watch some Kdrama where the main characters were CEOs with their own personal helicopters and private jets. Who knew that there'd be a time when he himself would experience something similar, not as a figment of television drama but as a part of his reality? Thirty minutes later.

Landing at the private helipad near the airport was smooth, and Michael felt a surge of anticipation for the journey ahead. As he disembarked, he was met by an airport official who expedited his security clearance and check-in process, courtesy of arrangements made by Bridget. Walking through the terminal, Michael's thoughts shifted to the meetings that awaited him in Germany. He made some preparations, such as learning the German language with the help of the technological system. Thanks to that, he is confident he can converse fluently with the Germans. Of course, he didn't only teach himself German but other languages as well such as French and Italian that might be beneficial to his business in the future. At the terminal, he met Bridget, waving her hand at him. "Michael!" Michael saw her and walked in her direction.

"So…are you excited for your first international trip?" Bridget asked. "I am," Michael said. "You said you learned German pretty fast, let's test that shall we?" Bridget chuckled.

"Hmm…I'll just surprise you once we are in the meeting with the officials," Michael said, rejecting her suggestion. "How about we wait for the plane? I heard you booked the first class." "Yeah, for convenience."


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Boarding the plane, Michael and Bridget were greeted by the flight attendants with a warmth reserved for the first-class cabin's guests. They were shown to their seats, 7A and 7B, luxurious and spacious, with ample legroom and privacy partitions. As Michael settled into his seat, adjusting the plush headrest and exploring the suite's features.

Bridget, settling into her seat, glanced over at Michael. "Make sure to get some rest during the flight. We have a busy schedule once we land, and I want you at your best."

Michael nodded, appreciating her concern. "I will, thanks. And Bridget? Thanks for everything—arranging this trip, the helicopter, the first-class seats. It means a lot."

Bridget waved him off with a soft smile. "It's nothing, Michael. Just for you."

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