Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 2026 Auto Energy Refining

Chapter 2026  Auto Energy Refining

Date- 18 April 2321

Time- 16:02 Expplôre 𝒖ptod𝒂te stories at no/𝒗el//bin(.)c𝒐m

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, Air Space

An ego gem's capacity to store energies was directly associated with the synchronous rate of the ego gem. An ego gem didn't just help the card apprentice comprehend and master rules and their meaning while accessing rule energy from the womb of the world's will but also helped store the gathered rule energy and forged runes. The quality of one ego gem not only affected their comprehension and mastery of rules but also their capacity to store energies and runes. Soul and Rule energies were indispensable for a card apprentice so the higher the capacity of an ego gem to store energies the better. But there were card apprentices who overcame this limitation with the help of their physique or traits. As a mutated ego gem created by Adriene's inner goddess, her ego gem had a synchronous rate reaching as high as eight five percent. Adreiene had a feeling that if not for the limit of her realm and body her ego gem's synchronous rate could have been higher or even perfect. Adreiene really regretted not focusing on her overall development such that she mutated ego gem could have had a higher synchronous rate. However, it was too late for her to regret. As if feeling her sadness the Inner goddess seemed to console her giving her a feeling that this was not the end and it was not too late. Turns out since the forging of Adriene's mutant ego gem, her inner goddess seemed to have been able to occasionally convey certain feelings and signs to warn or console her acting as a guide in her life. Still, Adriene's mutated ego gem's high synchronous rate could not explain the enormous capacity to store various energies. Clearly, its insane capacity was related to her ego gem's mutation. Adriene was delighted to learn this. After all, her ego gem having a large energy capacity gave her another edge over her peers and opponents.

Before Adriene could celebrate the joy of forging an ego gem with an insane energy capacity she found that her ego gem helped her automatically refine both soul and rule energy. This discovery should have brought double joy to Adriene, but she wasn't instead she was a little disappointed by the mutated ego gem. Adriene's dissatisfaction with her mutated ego gem was because she found that most of the refined energy in her ego gem's insane energy capacity would be fed to her inner goddess. However, this helped her understand why her mutate ego gem had such a high energy capacity it was so that she would gather energies to help her inner goddess recover faster. An ego gem having a high energy capability was a coveted perk but it was also a commonly neglected drawback, the larger one's energy storage capacity was the more time and work it took for one to fill and recover it. It helped that her ego gem had a high synchronous rate allowing her to gather energies faster but her ego gem's energy capacity was severely larger than the actual energy capacity for an ego gem of her synchronous rate, as such it took her several times longer to fill the energy capacity of her ego gem.

So what if her inner goddess was consuming most of the energies she had gathered? After all, the inner goddess was helping her automatically refine her energies. This way, the time Adriene spent gathering the extra energies was less than what she would have taken to refine those energies. In a way, Adriene got the better end of the deal. After all, refining the energies was a more tedious job than gathering the energies. However, Adriene could not help but feel that she was losing as much as she had gained. With this, she began to think that her mutated ego gem was primarily designed to have her help her inner goddess recover. This twist soared Adriene's happiness of forging a mutated ego gem. This was supposed to be her ego gem but somehow it turned out to be a sweat shop working her tirelessly and paid her in terms of measly refined energies.

As such for the first time in her life, Adriene began to grow doubtful of the purpose of her trait inner goddess. She could not help but wonder if she the inner goddess's existence was to help her or if her existence was to help recover her inner goddess. Thinking of this Adriene began to have an existential crisis. With this, she could not help but feel that she was a mere pawn in someone else's grand scheme. As if sensing the fears and worries of Adriene, the inner goddess showered her with another ability, an ability that would allow Adriene to borrow the strength of her inner goddess. Adriene did not understand what her inner goddess meant by giving her this ability. When Adriene's confusion was about to consume her consciousness she heard an omnipotent voice from the depth of her being, 'You are me, I am you. You do not have to fear yourself.' Hearing the omnipotent voice Adriene immediately calmed down and all her confusion washed away. She no longer began to focus on separating herself from her inner goddess and began to move forward as if her previous existential crisis never happened.

Though Adriene could borrow power from her inner goddess she found that her strength was too low for her to borrow the full strength of her recovering inner goddess. Hence Adriene could only borrow enough power that her realm allowed. When in the card grandmaster realm she could borrow power from the Card Emperor realm and when in the card lord realm she could borrow the power of a regular Card demigod. As such Adriene began to focus on her all-round development such that she could be strong enough to borrow more power from her inner goddess. This further led Adriene to ponder how strong was her inner goddess if even in her recovery period a portion of strength allowed her to display the strength of a Card demigod. Adriene wondered if her inner goddess was a transcendent. 

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