Creating Heavenly Laws

Chapter 151

Chapter 151

" What's going on?"

"Where's the Sixth Rank Chapter?"

"My Martial Dao Evolution Path's Sixth Rank Chapter?"

"Hasn't the virtual world been updated? Or is it a network issue?"

Countless Evolvers exploded with commotion.

In everyone's eyes, this Martial Dao Evolution Path could leap over more than forty positions, from the original fifty-three, to secure a spot among the top twelve.

The only possibility was the upload of the Sixth Rank Chapter.

Without the Sixth Rank Chapter to boost the entire Evolution Path, how could the Martial Dao Evolution Path break into the twelfth position on the Red Kun Evolution Ranking?

In fact, even if the Martial Dao Evolution Path had uploaded the Sixth Rank Chapter, the sudden surge in ranking on the Evolution Ranking would still be incredible.

But no matter how incredible, it could be understood. After all, with the addition of the Sixth Rank Chapter, the Martial Dao Evolution Path would become a Sixth Rank Evolution Path, offering significant room for improvement. Upon careful consideration, it made logical sense.

But now?

No Sixth Rank Chapter?

No Sixth Rank Chapter and yet you managed to secure the twelfth position?

Many Evolvers initially thought it might be a delay in the virtual world update, or perhaps a network issue in their respective locations, causing them to miss the "Sixth Rank Chapter."

Only when they communicated with others and found out that they, too, hadn't seen the "Sixth Rank Chapter," did they freeze in shock.

If only one or two Evolvers had missed the Sixth Rank Chapter, it could have been due to other factors, perhaps isolated incidents or network delays.

But when everyone failed to see the Sixth Rank Chapter, there was only one possibility.

That the Martial Dao Evolution Path did not have a Sixth Rank Chapter.

However, this possibility led to another, even more incredible revelation.

How did the Martial Dao Evolution Path, without a Sixth Rank Chapter, manage to secure the twelfth position on the Red Kun Evolution Ranking?

If, for instance, only a Fifth Rank Martial Dao Evolution Path managed to secure the fifty-third position on the Red Kun Evolution Ranking, it would be akin to a primary school student infiltrating a group of university students. It would be extremely conspicuous.

But for a Fifth Rank Martial Dao Evolution Path to break into the top fifty, even the top twelve?

It would be equivalent to a baby with a pacifier mingling among a group of PhD holders.

How could this be possible?

"What's going on exactly?"

"If the Sixth Rank Chapter wasn't uploaded, how did the Martial Dao Evolution Path reach twelfth place?"

"Huh? It seems like the Martial Dao Evolution Path has made some modifications. The word count for the Second Rank to the Fifth Rank Chapters has changed?"

"Modifications are normal, and the Evolution Paths on the ranking aren't set in stone. Occasionally, they may be altered, but it still doesn't explain how the Martial Dao Evolution Path reached twelfth place."

"Perhaps the reason lies within the modifications?"

Many Evolvers and high-ranking citizens gradually realized that the word count of the chapters they had previously purchased, from the Second Rank to the Fifth Rank, had changed.

So, they all subconsciously began to review them again.

"How is this possible?"

"The Martial Dao Evolution Path can incorporate any energy system?"

"It's unbelievable. No wonder it made such a significant leap on the rankings. This qualitative change enhances the potential of the Martial Dao Evolution Path."

The expression of a certain Sixth Rank Evolver changed slightly.

With his insight, he could barely discern the impact of these changes to the Martial Dao Evolution Path.

If the Martial Dao Evolution Path were no longer limited to Yin and Yang, then many Evolvers in human civilization who followed the Martial Dao Evolution Path would benefit. They could pursue their own paths, which would significantly increase the probability of producing high-ranking Evolvers.

No wonder the Martial Dao Evolution Path managed to break into the top twelve on the Red Kun Evolution Ranking without uploading the Sixth Rank.

No wonder the scholar who founded the Martial Dao Evolution Path would specifically update it.

Because it was too important for Evolvers.

"No wonder he's a Scholar Evolver. He managed to expand the Martial Dao Evolution Path to such heights."

"No, my perception of Yin and Yang was rough before, so I didn't follow the Martial Dao Evolution Path. Now that it doesn't require sensing Yin and Yang, I can practice it! I'm going to switch Evolution Paths."

"Me too. This is a masterpiece by a certain Scholar Evolver. Anyway, practicing along with it can't go wrong."

Many Evolvers began to leave the central square area, obviously intending to pass on this news to their respective family forces.

At the summit of the thirteenth mountain peak of the Red Kun's main star, there was a palace.

Lin Yuan sat cross-legged.

"Five hundred thousand merit points."

"I can advance to a Sixth Level Citizen."

A smile appeared on Lin Yuan's face.

The perfected Martial Dao Evolution Path had been generously rewarded with five hundred thousand merit points by the Goddess of Wisdom.

It should be noted that there were only a few ways to obtain merit points.

Each required contributing to human civilization in some way to receive a reward.

Apart from creating and perfecting entirely new Evolution Paths, like Lin Yuan, or developing other technologies beneficial to human civilization, the primary channel was to go to alien battlefields and kill aliens in exchange for merit points.

As Lin Yuan knew, killing a powerful alien would yield a corresponding number of merit points.

A Sixth Rank alien was worth one thousand merit points.

A Seventh Rank alien was worth ten thousand to a hundred thousand merit points.

An Eighth Rank alien was worth over a million merit points.

The five hundred thousand merit points Lin Yuan obtained were equivalent to half of an Eighth Rank alien? Or dozens of Seventh Rank aliens?

Of course, killing aliens was just one way to earn merit points.

On the alien battlefield, if one could lead a large army of Evolvers to victory in a localized war against alien, even if an alien powerhouse wasn't killed, one could still obtain corresponding merit points.

"Too dangerous."

Lin Yuan shook his head slightly.

On the alien battlefield, merit points sounded easy.

Killing a Sixth Rank alien could earn one thousand points.

But in reality, Sixth Rank aliens wouldn't just wait around for someone to kill them.

That required Evolvers to risk their lives.

For a Sixth Rank Evolver to attempt to kill a Sixth Rank alien, it would truly require a significant cost. Moreover, the alien Sixth Rank powerhouse wouldn't be foolish. Upon realizing they were outmatched, they would flee.

Defeating a Sixth Rank alien was one thing.

Killing them was another.

And alien powerhouses were often not alone.

They came in groups.

In such circumstances, it was really difficult to kill them.

This was true for Sixth Rank aliens, let alone Seventh or Eighth Rank.

Millennia ago, the Red Kun Star Lord went on a killing spree on the alien battlefield after his disciple was assassinated.

But most of those he killed were aliens below the Sixth Rank.

Cannon fodder, in other words.

Truly powerful aliens would have fled long ago.

And after a while, the Red Kun Star Lord was blocked by other aliens of the same level.

Aliens capable of fighting against human civilization and holding their ground were all extremely powerful. Even if they weren't as powerful as the Insect Race, they weren't far behind.

"Become a Sixth Level Citizen."

Lin Yuan's mind stirred slightly.

His citizen level immediately rose from Level Five to Level Six.

To advance from Level Five to Level Six, one needed five hundred thousand merit points, which Lin Yuan had already accumulated through perfecting the Martial Dao Evolution Path.


A moment later.

Lin Yuan smoothly became a Sixth Level Citizen.

At the same time, an email from the Human Civilization Alliance arrived in Lin Yuan's inbox.

The email roughly introduced some of the privileges of a Sixth Level Citizen.

Most of the privileges for a Sixth Level Citizen were upgraded versions of those for a Level Five Citizen.


A Sixth Level Citizen had one more benefit, one more qualification than a Level Five Citizen.

The benefit was that upon ascending to a Sixth Level Citizen, one would receive a bottle of evolution elixir issued by human civilization.

A Sixth Rank evolution elixir.

The purpose of this evolution elixir was to forcibly elevate an Evolver's physical body and soul to the Sixth Rank level.

Of course, this was only an enhancement of the physical body and soul. It wouldn't change one's comprehension of the rules or understanding of the Evolution Path. These were not things that could be enhanced by external means.

The reason for this benefit was to consider those scientists and developers who weren't proficient in the Evolution Path.

These scientists and developers might make great contributions to human civilization but lacked innate evolution talent, remaining only at the Second or Third Rank.

As for taking gene elixirs, there was a risk of death.

So, as long as one's citizen level reached the sixth level, they could obtain a Sixth Rank evolution elixir.

There were no risks associated with the Sixth Rank evolution elixir, and the transformation of the body and soul was perfect.

Of course, the real purpose of human civilization granting such benefits to Sixth Level Citizens was to ensure that they continued to contribute to human civilization for thousands or tens of thousands of years.

"Just a Sixth Rank evolution elixir."

Lin Yuan exclaimed in amazement. This precious treasure, which could allow ordinary people to become Sixth Rank Evolvers in one step, was undoubtedly priceless.

At least, when Lin Yuan was a Level Five Citizen, he had never seen such a product in the shopping app. It was clear that his permissions weren't high enough.

"However, by taking the Sixth Rank evolution elixir, the Evolver who jumps to the Sixth Rank probably ranks at the bottom of the Sixth Rank in terms of combat power."

Lin Yuan understood this.

The combat power of a Sixth Rank Evolver was composed of several aspects.

First, there was the basic strength of the Sixth Rank level.

Secondly, there were the secret techniques one mastered.

Thirdly, there was the degree of comprehension of the rules.

Fourthly, there was the strength of one's own cultivation and evolution path.

For Evolvers who took the Sixth Rank evolution elixir, they only gained the basic strength of the Sixth Rank level.

The second privilege of a Level Six Citizen, or qualification, was the ability to participate in the once-in-a-century Star Alliance Conference.

The so-called Star Alliance was an alliance formed by multiple star domains.

Currently, the Red Kun Star Domain belonged to the "Annan" Star Alliance.

And the Star Alliance Conference was initiated by the official Annan Star Alliance, where only citizens of the sixth level and above were eligible to participate.

At the Star Alliance Conference, all participating citizens could put forward their suggestions.

These suggestions could be big or small.

For small ones, they could be about personal benefits.

For example, if a Level Six Citizen lacked a transportation battleship, they could apply to the Annan Star Alliance for one.

The Annan Star Alliance would most likely "allocate" a battleship to the Level Six Citizen.

For big ones, they could change certain regulations within the Annan Star Alliance. For example, if a Level Six Citizen felt that the death penalty was inhumane and wanted to abolish it.

The Annan Star Alliance would consider this suggestion and give one of three responses: agreement, rejection, or reservation.

Of course, the regulations here referred only to those within the Star Alliance.

As for the constitutional laws issued by the Cosmic Human Civilization Alliance, Level Six Citizens were not eligible to question them.

"The Star Alliance Conference?"

Lin Yuan pondered.

Such a conference symbolized the highest authority of a star alliance, and only Level Six Citizens who had made significant contributions to human civilization were eligible to participate.

After carefully reviewing the many privileges of a Level Six Citizen.

Lin Yuan got up and left the palace.

"Take me to see my teacher," Lin Yuan said, glancing at the steward outside the palace.


"Lord Peak Master, please follow me."

The steward, respectful in demeanor, led Lin Yuan towards the largest mountain peak in the center.

"Greetings, teacher," Lin Yuan bowed slightly to the Red Kun Star Lord seated on the throne inside the crimson palace.

"Hahaha. My good disciple, please rise quickly," the Red Kun Star Lord said immediately, looking increasingly satisfied as he gazed at Lin Yuan. Lin Yuan had been performing admirably lately, earning him much respect. Though the old folks didn't say it outright, their sour tones made it clear they wished to claim Lin Yuan for themselves.

"How are you feeling? Have you adapted?" the Red Kun Star Lord asked with concern. It was Lin Yuan's first time visiting the Red Kun main star, so he might be feeling a bit out of sorts.

"I'm okay," Lin Yuan nodded.

"That's good," the Red Kun Star Lord said, smiling.

"If you have any questions, just tell your teacher," the Red Kun Star Lord said.

Next, Lin Yuan spoke with the Red Kun Star Lord for a while before getting up to leave.

On the Thirteenth Peaks.

Lin Yuan gathered with his twelve senior brothers.

"Congratulations, little junior brother."

"Hahaha, we finally get to meet little junior brother in person."

The twelve senior brothers were very enthusiastic.

"Oh right, little junior brother," the third senior brother spoke up, "Are you planning to meet with the Black Prison Mo or not?"

At these words, the other senior brothers fell silent, all looking at Lin Yuan.

"Black Prison Mo?" Lin Yuan thought for a moment. "I'd rather not see him. There's nothing to discuss."

Lin Yuan had no intention of meeting the Black Prison Mo at all.

"Understood," the third senior brother nodded immediately. If Lin Yuan had been willing to meet with the Black Prison Mo, it would have indicated some room for reconciliation between them. It would have only been a matter of what price the Black Prison Mo was willing to pay. But if he wasn't even willing to meet, the message was clear.

"We should investigate the Black Prison family," the second senior brother hinted.

"I'll take care of that. The Black Prison family is to cease all business activities and its members are not to leave their home planet, subject to surveillance by the Red Kun lineage," the third senior brother said.

This statement effectively pronounced the end of the Black Prison family. Direct suppression wouldn't be favorable due to the family's extensive influence in the Red Kun Star Domain.

But ordering them to cease all activities and placing them under surveillance was like slowly cutting them off. Decline was inevitable. For the Red Kun lineage, the Black Prison family was just an external tool. Now that this tool had bitten its master, it had to be disposed of.

"Thank you, senior brothers," Lin Yuan said seriously.

"Thank us for what? We're brothers, we'll support each other in the future," the senior brothers said with smiles.

Half a day later.

Lin Yuan returned to his closed-door palace.

"Things are basically settled," Lin Yuan thought to himself. "I can start the transmigration."

Lin Yuan focused his mind and sank into his thoughts, arriving at the towering and magnificent Gateway of the Myriad Realms.

"Let's first look at some information about this transmigration," Lin Yuan thought, diverting a bit of his mind into the Gateway of the Myriad Realms.

In a trance, Lin Yuan arrived at a vast and immense world.

"This world," Lin Yuan said with a solemn expression as he gazed upon a fairy mountain surrounded by ethereal aura, a desolate plain shrouded in ghostly energy, and a colossal nest emanating profound demonic power.

"This world," Lin Yuan murmured outside the Gateway of the Myriad Realms.

By examining a bit of his mind, he learned that this transmigration would last for five hundred years, during which the main world's time would pass for about three to four months.

"Let's begin," Lin Yuan thought, returning his mind. After a brief preparation, he announced that he was going into closed-door cultivation.

Finally, his mind returned to the Gateway of the Myriad Realms once more, and with a slight movement of his thoughts, the Gateway exerted its suction force, drawing Lin Yuan's consciousness inside.


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