Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy

Chapter 1910 The Courtyard

Chapter 1910 The Courtyard

Zhi Naibao took Alex to one of the many mountains while explaining how the sect's geography was set up.

There were Immortal Spirit veins concentrated around the area of the valley, so the further away one went from the valley, the lesser Immortal Qi there was for one to absorb.

That mattered little because of just how much concentration of Immortal Qi there was in this world, but disciples with higher rankings were still given precedence when it came to the rankings.

"Outer sect disciples live the furthest from the valley, all the way in the back mountains. Inner sect disciples are closer."

"Your place of residence is updated once every 10 years, as per your ranking, so you want to rank quite high."

Alex nodded slightly as he walked behind her, making his way to the courtyard that had been handed to him.

"Do you know how many disciples there are in total?" he asked her.

"Somewhere around 6 thousand. I do not know the exact number," the woman said.

"And how many of them are in the Inner sect?"

"2000 exactly," the woman answered.

"Exactly?" Alex asked.

"Rank 2000 is the difference between an Inner Sect disciple and an Outer Sect disciple."

"Oh!" Alex was somewhat surprised, but he quickly nodded. "Is everyone here an Immortal?"

"Not everyone," the woman answered. "There are quite a few Saints too. They account for about 2000 of the disciples in the sect, and almost all of them are in the Outer sect."

"Oh? There are more Immortals than Saints, huh?" Alex asked.

"The sect only accepts Saints who have a definite chance of reaching Immortality at an early age. We're talking 500 years or younger," the girl answered. "Anyone older than that is considered to not be talented enough to be an Immortal."

Alex couldn't help but be taken aback by that information. By their logic, the Dragon Emperor would've been rejected from this sect had he come here as a Saint Realm expert.

"And does the sect not have Core Disciples?" Alex asked.

"No such thing," the girl answered. "But the rankings give extra privilege to higher ranking students, so there is basically no difference there."

"What sort of privilege?"

"No idea. I'm not ranked high enough to be privy to such knowledge."

"And what ranking are you, sister Zhi?" Alex asked. "If that's not wrong of me to ask."

"72," the girl answered. "You're fine with asking that. It's public knowledge anyway."

They traveled past 3 mountains, taking nearly an hour to walk through it all before they arrived at an empty courtyard.

"This is your place of residence. Do with it whatever you please so long as you don't destroy it. If it needs maintenance, do it yourself or put it up as a mission for someone else to do it for you. You can learn more in those documents you received."

"I see, thank you, sister Zhi."

The girl took out a talisman and handed it over to him. "If you need to know something or need my assistance, send me a message."

Alex took the talisman and nodded.

"Go and rest. Your disciple nameplate will be created in a week or so, and I'll bring it to you when it's done. Once you get it, you should begin doing missions for contribution points."

Alex nodded and finally went into the courtyard, letting the woman leave on her own.

The courtyard was surprisingly quite nice. It was wide and with a small garden at the back where poisonous plants grew.

Alex went through the house, looking at the various rooms, and was more than happy to see a room that could be used for Alchemy. It wasn't the best room, but it was enough for Alex.

Alex checked through the formations that were set up in the house and the various rooms, making sure none of them were intruding on his privacy. After finally making sure that there were none of such formations, Alex called out Whisker and Pearl.

Whisker had sensed the strength of the Qi of the Immortal world before, so he wasn't as surprised, but for Pearl it was his first time coming out into the world.

"Woah!" Pearl couldn't help but show the same surprise Alex and Whisker had felt before. He waited a moment for the surprise to linger before he took out a pill from his storage bracelet and ate it.

It was a pill that changed the color of his fur, turning it completely black so that he looked the furthest thing from a White Tiger. The last thing Pearl or Alex would want was for people to know that there was a human who was bonded to a White Tiger.

"Do you feel the suppression?" Alex asked Pearl, and he nodded.

"I feel it too," Whisker answered.

"Take your time and get used to it. Cultivate while you're at it," Alex told them.

Both of the beasts quickly went on to do as they were told. While they did that, Alex began looking through the talisman he was given.

The first talisman was a list of the rules of the sect, most of which were common rules such as not harming another disciple, or not destroying the sect's property and such.

Butthere were some special rules that pertainedto just this sect.

One could not sell their poison to another student.

One had to at least contribute to about 10 Immortal Spirit stones or take missions amounting to a total of 200 contribution points in a year.

One had to take care of the garden given to them or face punishment should the plants wither and die. But they were not allowed to take from the plants either.

Finally, perhaps the weirdest of the rules, and maybe even the harshest. If a disciple was dying of poison, you were not allowed to save him.

Alex frowned as he read that one rule, wondering how harsh the cultivation world of the Immortal realm was. Such a rule could never exist in his home world with how peaceful the sects were.

Alex took out another talisman and began reading it too. It was a description of the various facilities given to the disciples by the sect as well as the various events and when they were held.

The most important of all the facilities was the mission hall, through which a student could earn contribution points, and then use said points in Poison Hall to purchase or test higher grades of poison.

Of the events, the most important one was the yearly poisoning assembly where each students were gathered and tested for their physique to see if they could withstand poison. Each year the poison given to the disciples wasapparentlyslightly stronger, so they could never slack on their cultivation of the physique.

Alex took out the other talismans that wrote in detail about the various disciples in the sect and their rankings.

72 was indeed Zhi Naibao's current ranking in the sect.Fiind upd𝒂ted 𝒏ovels on n𝒐/v/elbin(.)co/m

Alex read the upper names and saw 3 names in the top standing.

Third in rank was a disciple by the name of Yan Xuanwo. Second in rank was Bai WanZhao. And first in rank was a disciple by the name of Hei Tingxie.

Alex checked for hisownname, and it wasn't there yet. But given his new status, it was bound to be at the very end.

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