Fantasy: I! Accept disciples and become stronger!

Chapter 416

Chapter 416

Chapter 416 – Killing With a Single Palm Strike, Ye Quinsong’s Might

The Profound Emperors were all stunned. They could clearly see that the azure robed old man’s cultivation was actually not high.

His aura was only at the Perfect Stage of the Calamity realm.

However, the cultivation technique he cultivated was incomparably profound. The fluctuations of his vast divine power faintly surpassed the limits of a Profound God Emperor.

Even more terrifying was the Green Pine Staff in his hand!

A grade eight Saint Weapon was a high-grade Saint Weapon. Even a supreme sect would be envious of it. It was enough to become a treasure of the sacred land!

The Cloud Dragon Profound Emperor was stunned. He simply did not dare to believe what was happening before his eyes.

The Azure Dragon Carriage shattered, unable to withstand that mysterious old man’s attack at all. Under the seemingly casual strike of the Green Pine Staff, every layer of it cracked, and there was not even a chance to save it. It was reduced to ashes just like that.

“You … Who exactly are you? What is your surname and first name!”

Even the Cloud Dragon Profound Emperor’s voice was trembling. He already had a guess in his heart that the old man before him was very likely the mysterious and unknown Dao Protector of Xuan Yi!

He was truly afraid.

As the chief executor of the Myriad Dragon Dynasty, the Cloud Dragon Profound Emperor’s eyesight was naturally not bad.

He was able to see through Ye Qingsong as well. The Green Pine Staff in his hand was definitely one of the most precious treasures.

However, what caused him to feel even more terrified was that the rank eight Saint Weapon had the word ‘Saint’ in it.

This meant that only in the hands of a Saint would such a treasure be able to unleash its full brilliance.

Even the lords of the sacred lands and dynasties were only using a portion of their might.

As for an ordinary Emperor, even if he was already infinitely close to the Saint King level, if he didn’t reach that level, the price he had to pay to activate his Saint Weapon would be extremely great!

Needless to say, this Green Pine Staff was certainly of a high grade.

The amount of energy that could be consumed was simply not something that the Profound Emperor could endure!

However, this mysterious old man who had suddenly appeared before him was clearly only a perfection-stage of the First Calamity God Emperor realm.

It was obvious that when he used the Green Pine Staff, there was no trace of exhaustion or delay on him.

The connection between that Saint Weapon and him seemed to be completely natural, without a trace of obstruction.

“Could it be some Heavenly Demon Sovereign King that came out of the Western Lands …”

It wasn’t just the Cloud Dragon Profound Emperor, the spectating giants couldn’t help but have cold expressions on their faces as they thought of a terrifying guess!

In the entire Eastern Continent, it seemed that only the demons that had inherited the primordial bloodline and held an exalted status would be able to produce such an anomaly.

The Demon Clans were formed from the elements in the world, and were blessed by the heavens. After they were formed, their true forms (should be beast form) could become Intrinsic Mysterious Treasures that linked their hearts without the need to refine them. As their cultivation levels increased, their treasure would also continue to make breakthroughs.

If the old man in front of him was a pine tree demon, then it would not be surprising for him to be able to control this pine tree (or cyan wood) Saint Weapon at will.

However, their speculation was quickly overturned!

Because Ye Qingsong had attacked again!Fôllôw 𝒏ew stories at n𝒐/v(e)lb/in(.)com

In a flash, the Green Pine Staff disappeared into the void. He didn’t use his Saint Weapon anymore, as if he wanted to use pure divine power to fight the enemy, causing everyone’s eyes to change.

“Isn’t that too much? Even if the Heavenly Demon’s physical body is powerful, he’s just a God Emperor at the perfection stage of the First Calamity realm. Even if Cloud Dragon Profound Emperor loses the Azure Dragon Carriage, he’s still a Profound Emperor. He shouldn’t have underestimated him so much.”

One of the Profound Emperors on Southern Heavenly Gate frowned. It was clear that he was not optimistic about Ye Qingsong’s actions.

On the other hand, the Profound Emperor from the Divine Pagoda sneered, “If he was the most careless, if Cloud Dragon was able to retaliate, then we would also take action. Wouldn’t it be even better to seize that Green Pine Staff?”

“Either way, it is just a demi-human giant. If we were to kill him, not only would it be our fault, we would even be able to earn merit!”

However, before he could finish speaking, Ye Qingsong’s figure suddenly moved!

Cloud Dragon waited in a serious manner. He didn’t dare to be distracted for a moment. In his sea of consciousness, his divine sense surged and spread out, covering an area of three thousand kilometers!

But very quickly, he panicked because no matter how he searched, he could not find Ye Qingsong.

It was as if he had vanished from the human world. The mysterious and terrifying fluctuations from before had instantly vanished without a trace!

“What’s going on?”

The Divine Pagoda’s Profound Emperor, who was sneering, was stunned as well, and his eyes were slightly astounded. Not only was his cultivation extremely high, his attainments in the Dao of Alchemy wasn’t bad either. Even though he hadn’t become a Pill Emperor, he was still a Pill King, and the power of his Divine Sense was terrifying.

But even he couldn’t find any traces of Ye Qingsong!

“Behind Cloud Dragon … No, he is in the sky! Heavens, what kind of divine ability is that!!”

Finally, a God Emperor noticed Ye Qingsong’s figure and couldn’t help but cry out in shock! Cloud Dragon suddenly raised his head, and his arms struck out like a dragon. The terrifying divine power transformed into two azure-colored flood dragons, entangled and danced in the air as they met the attack!

Ye Qingsong’s eyes were indifferent. Without a sound, he stretched out a large hand and instantly extended it to the end of the horizon. As the green divine power surged, numerous characters flickered with light, making the heavens and the earth become forbidden!

At this moment, a terrifying pressure erupted. Cloud Dragon was imprisoned under that enormous hand, and all his five senses and six senses were sealed. All attacks were neutralized, and it was as if a paper had been thrown into the sea, causing not a single ripple to appear!

In the next second, the endless Dao texts completely drowned him.


The Cloud Dragon Profound Emperor roared loudly. The mountains and rivers shook as the sea of clouds dispersed. At this moment, his figure rose explosively, and he transformed into a ten thousand zhang giant.

The immortal platform flickered in front of him, wishing to defend this terrifying attack.


However, all of this was in vain. Ye Qingsong used a terrifying divine ability, producing an all-encompassing palm, and suppressed his entire body.

At this moment, his ten thousand zhang long golden body shattered with a bang, and it was even accompanied by the Cloud Dragon Profound Emperor’s Immortal Altar.

He was suppressed under the enormous jade-green hand, not allowing the Cloud Dragon Profound Emperor to unleash any fleeing techniques. He was powerless to break free, and could only watch helplessly as the giant hand smashed the undying altar (Immortal Altar) onto the ground!


In front of the Southern Heavenly Gate, a cloud of dust and debris rose. Following a loud explosion, a huge palm imprint was left behind on the ground.

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