Chapter 1405 Superior To The Soul Sphere.

Chapter 1405 Superior To The Soul Sphere.

They already have power at the limit of the light side of the void universe. So they can do something they have wanted to do since they met the realm lord in the Gattling plane.

They said at the same time, "The first thing we must do is remove the system from monitoring us."

The two of them have synchronized thoughts now that their existence has fused completely. Legion-5 was already part of Legion-7 when they performed the second stage of unity but now their souls have completely become one.

There's no boundary between their souls anymore so their thoughts are aligned. They should be one entity if not for their shard of power anchoring their consciousness separately.

Synchronized thought is a side effect of unity. It is not the synchronization of memory that they had as clones. They used to have different thoughts in the past but now their thoughts align because they have the same spark of consciousness of Legion-7.

This is the state that Legion will have once they have completed the third stage of Unity. That will occur when they all have their Supreme laws. For now, they are yet to complete the second stage of Unity.

They are a single entity as they have always been but they are closer to each other than ever. It is their strength and foundation for seeking perfection.

It is why the three consciousnesses believed that they didn't need the reward for fusing all 3 paths of evolution. It is because Legion is going to complete Unity in the future and will achieve what Legion-5 did on their own. At that time, Legion would also be powerful enough to control the power that they gained from the fusion.

These are all things that they wouldn't want others to know such as the realm lord. So the first thing they want to do after becoming Origin gods is to remove the surveillance of the system.

They have never trusted the realm lord but their distrust for him extended to the system ever since he came to Legion-7 for a deal. That distrust increased when Salvini offered them the same thing that the realm did.

It might be paranoia but if the realm lord has anything to do with Salvini, that means the realm lord and the first sage are working together. That is a lot to be worried about.

They are Origin gods now so they have a much closer connection to their Origin. Through it, they can tell Legion-1's position and pinpoint the connection that the system is using to monitor them.

They cut off that connection between themselves and the system. They did the same thing for other Legions that had started Unity with them. So they lost the system and so did Soverick and Ragnarok. That leaves Legion-8 still with the system.

Legion-5 spoke, "We are Legion-unity now."

Legion-7 agreed, "We are the first of our future."

Legion-unity then thought to themselves in anticipation, "There's so much I want to do. Which should I check first?"

"I think we should look at the crown of dominion first."

Their breakthrough has brought a lot of improvements to them. It didn't only lead to the breaking of a law of the universe and its subsequent reward, it also led to the complete integration of Legion-7 with Legion-5, Legion-6, and Legion-1.

Legion-7 has reached the Origin god level now so he can take over the souls of the clones who were stolen from him by the void matrix. This means that the independent resurrection system has come online once again.

Ragnarok and Soverick who were previously disconnected from him after becoming an Origin god have returned now. But the improvements are more than that. Legion-7 has now replaced the function of the soul sphere for the Legion.

They can share all types of energy through the Legion-7. He is even more useful than the soul sphere since he is literally Legion. The clones that have united with him can also share their concepts through him.

That is something that the soul sphere can't do. Legion-unity decided to test it first.

His tail shifted. It broke apart and became fragmented. Each fragment collapsed into a tiny black orb. These black orbs were devouring void energy around themselves like a cloud of hungry locusts. They grew stronger the more they devoured.

Red runes appeared around the cloud of tiny black orbs and bound them into the shape of tails. 10 of such tails were created from his single tail. This caused the devouring power of the tiny black orbs to be combined. It caused a whirlpool to begin to form around them.

Void energy was churned into a whirlpool that was being devoured slowly into their tails.

Legion-unity observed, "This looks like success."

"Ragnarok would have used it better but this is still good."

They can use Ragnarok's concept of the bottomless abyss but they can't become his concept. The difference between the two is massive. They are more like Sovereigns of law who possess the concept and not Origin gods who have become one with it.

While the power of the concept is limited in their hands, they can use the other concepts of the other clones in Unity without limit on the number. That means they have access to Legion-1's two concepts, Soverick's eyes as well as Ragnarok's concept.

That is more than enough to make up for the lack of power. They will surely be able to achieve more when they complete the second level of Unity and when they achieve the third level. T/his chapter is updat𝓮d by nov(ê(l)

"I think we should try Cosmic force first."

"We can't try it out here in the open. What if we attract the attention of a passing world god?"

"Fine. We will try it when we reach Legion-1's inner world."

Legion-5 has always wanted to try cosmic force without limit. He is an Origin god now so he can bear more backlash. Plus he has a special domain thanks to his unique inner world that he wants to try.

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