I’ll Be the Male Leads Sister-in-Law

Chapter 478

Chapter 478

Several other daughters-in-law of the Xu family also gathered around to help Mu Mingtang, and since she was unable to defeat their numbers, she had to give up the greeting. The Xu family brought Mu Mingtang to the main hall to talk in a lively manner. Senior General Xu and many of the Xu family members accompanied Xie Xuanchen and were walking towards the back house, Is Your Highness going back to the Zhending Residence soon?

Thats right, Xie Xuanchen nodded and said, In the next few days, I have to trouble Senior General Xu to take care of the Princess.

Senior General Xu naturally agreed to it, Your Highness, you can rest assured. Though Im sincerely honoured and surprised that you have sent Her Highness here, I will not fail to live up to your expectations. There are many young people in our family as the boys and their wives are at home all day long. Things get boring sometimes, so its just nice that Her Highness is here. The women can do activities together. My granddaughters are also about the same age as Her Highness. These young people always have endless things to talk about, so you can rest assured, Your Highness.

Xie Xuanchen was indeed relieved. He walked into the main hall of the Xu familys backyard and was startled as soon as he entered.

It was full of flowers and birds. Xie Xuanchen had to look around for a bit before he could see where Mu Mingtang was. He knew that the Xu family was large, butwere there so many people?

She was the only daughter in Mu Mingtangs family. Although Xie Xuanchen had an older brother, he died of a rash when he was very young, which meant that he was no different from being an only child. The two of them were used to small families, so they were shocked upon seeing a large and prosperous family like the Xu family.

Mu Mingtang understood Xie Xuanchens current mood very well. She immediately stood up and walked towards Xie Xuanchen, Your Highness.

Xie Xuanchen came back to his senses and greeted Senior Madam Xu beside Mu Mingtang, Senior Madam.

Senior Madam Xu naturally declined the overly formal greeting. The Xu family could fill up the entire residence with only their relatives. Even with so many women and girls gathered, the lively sounds around the garden died down the moment Xie Xuanchen walked in.

Xie Xuanchen was surprised. In fact, the female relatives of the Xu family were also very surprised when they saw Xie Xuanchen.

It turned out that this was King Qiyang, Xie Xuanchen. The famous God of War, King Qiyang, looked a bitunlike their expectations.

Xu Qilang knew what his sisters-in-law were thinking as soon as he saw their expressions. That was because he had the exact same expression just now.Discover 𝒏ew chapters at novelbi𝒏(.)co𝒎

Its not that Xie Xuanchen was not good-looking. In fact, he was so good-looking that Xu Qilang couldnt help but wonder could such a person really be able to intimidate a whole group of soldiers on the battlefield?

Fortunately, the other sons of the Xu family were prudent and introduced them to their family members one by one. It was said to be an introduction, but in fact it was a one-sided introduction to the Xu family. There were only two of them, so it was easy to introduce themselves in one sentence.

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