Madam Li's Identity Is Exposed Again!

Chapter 58: This Man Is Domineering to the Core

Chapter 58: Chapter 58: This Man Is Domineering to the Core

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10 minutes later, the walk-in wardrobe.

Chi Enen held a white swimsuit, standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror, feeling troubled.

She had tried to choose a swimsuit with more fabric, but compared to normal clothes, it still felt too revealing.

Li Beijue had grown impatient and was urging her on.

With gritted teeth, she braced herself and changed into it, then pulled open the door and stepped out…


All these swimsuits were the latest models from A-list luxury brands, and as long as there wasn’t a major flaw in one’s figure, they wouldn’t look bad. However, Li Beijue was still astounded by the sight of the little lady before him!

The maiden’s white ruffled swimsuit adorned her body, indescribably tempting. Her soft and fair chest was half-concealed and half-revealed under the glow of the white mesh, pure yet enticing. Not to mention those fully exposed long legs…

Chi Enen, feeling uncomfortable under his gaze, clenched her fists hesitantly, and said with a lack of confidence, “Do I look strange in it?”

“Is it particularly unattractive?”

“Not strange,” Li Beijue’s throat moved up and down as his falcon-like eyes heatedly swept over her.

It’s not only not strange, it’s very attractive!

So attractive that he suddenly didn’t want to take her out, but wished to hide her in his room, away from anyone else’s sight!


His pupils flashed, he took off his coat, and draped it over Chi Enen. Making sure she was wrapped up tightly, he leaned down and bit the corner of her mouth as if venting his frustration. Only then did he raise his head, satisfied, took her hand, and said elegantly, “Let’s go.”

Chi Enen’s corner of the mouth hurt from his bite, she wanted to curse, but forcefully repressed the urge.

She wouldn’t contend with a paranoid!

Arguing with a capriciously domineering paranoid would only upset her; it’s not worth it!

After mentally preparing herself, she felt much more at ease and followed the man behind her step by step…

It was only after entering the elevator that she remembered the matter that had been on her mind since earlier, and after hesitating, she spoke up, “Um, Li Beijue, what do you plan to do to punish Butler Huo?”

Butler Huo, today she had mentioned these three words for the fourth time!

Even though Huo Yi was his man, it still irked him.

Chi Enen, oblivious to his annoyance, continued, “Can you please not blame Butler Huo? It was because Butler Huo saw that I had been under the sun for so long and was concerned about me that he went to buy me water. He did tell me before leaving to buy water, he didn’t intentionally abandon me. Besides, none of us anticipated the unexpected situation with the ring snatching; it was an accident you can’t blame Butler Huo for. Could you…” Vissit n𝒐velbin(.)c𝒐m for 𝒏ew 𝒏ovels

“Shut up!” Li Beijue’s pupils darkened bit by bit, he growled at her, “Chi Enen, from now on, if I hear you utter one more word in his defense, 1 will send him to Country Y to coal mine!”

Country Y was a desolate place where birds don’t even bother to shit…

Chi Enen knew that Huo Yi was Li Beijue’s left and right arm and that as long as he wasn’t at fault, he wouldn’t be sent to Country Y over such a trivial matter. But she didn’t dare to take the risk, especially since the man before her truly had issues.

Someone without issues wouldn’t be so stubborn, so forcefully imposing. Once fixated on something, he wouldn’t listen to anyone else’s advice.

For Huo Yi’s sake, she remained silent and closed her mouth.

Forget it, it was her own fault to begin with, she got carried away.

How could she forget that the man before her was none other than Li Beijue! The high and mighty Lord Li! The commander who stood at the top of the pyramid, holding the power of life and death over others! A man whose displeasure could make the whole Rainy City tremble!

“What are you absent-mindedly pondering now?” As if he noticed her wandering thoughts, Li Beijue grabbed her hand and bit down on her index finger as if to punish her.

Chi Enen turned her head in pain, masking the complexity of her emotions, and calmly shook her head, saying, “Nothing..”

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