My Girlfriend is a Zombie

Chapter 577: Im the One Youre Up Against

Chapter 577: Im the One Youre Up Against

The man was in the midst of an enthusiastic rant when suddenly he heard himself being interrupted. He hadn’t even made out what was said before he turned around, cursing as he looked back: “What the hell are you butting in… for… ah…”

As his gaze met that of the person standing at the door, his tongue seemed to tie itself into knots.

The atmosphere in the office instantly grew incredibly tense, and many looked at him with pity.

He was completely stunned, internally roaring: “Why! Why did he have to come back right now!”

The person who had arrived was none other than Ling Mo, whom they thought wouldn’t be coming.

But Ling Mo merely glanced at the man before turning his attention to Lucy, speaking in a casual tone: “Sorry I’m late, the training has been a bit of a hassle lately.”

“It’s fine, we only just started a moment ago,” Lucy said.

Her expression hadn’t changed much from before, but suddenly, her heart was racing with excitement and a sense of being wronged.

She had been surrounded and criticized, pointed at and mocked, and none of that got to her like this moment did.

Why is that… Lucy wondered.

She took a deep breath, finally managing to steady her emotions.

“By the way… how’s the training going?” Lucy asked again.

Ling Mo chuckled: “Not bad at all, they’re making quick progress. I think they’ll be ready for real combat soon.”

“Good to hear,” Lucy nodded in response.

Upon hearing this exchange, everyone present cursed in their minds: “Damn?!”

So Ling Mo was supposed to be here today? And Lucy hadn’t told a soul about it?

They were doomed! Now they had said things they shouldn’t have spoken aloud!

The few who hadn’t said much were now secretly rejoicing in their hearts.

This is what you get for not keeping your cool. Now you’re in trouble, aren’t you? Everyone knows you don’t mess with Ling Mo, not even behind his back.

The man who had stood out just moments ago was now sweating bullets. He didn’t know how much Ling Mo had heard, nor did he know how Ling Mo would deal with him.

Thinking of Ling Mo’s methods and strength, his legs began to feel weak.

Especially as Ling Mo walked step by step toward him, he felt like he was about to collapse.


When Ling Mo stopped in front of him, the man’s heartbeat skipped a beat, cold sweat broke out over his entire body, and he began to tremble.

However, he quickly forced himself to calm down. Ling Mo was indeed strong, but after all, he was just the figurehead regimental commander of Team F. He was one of the elders of Team F, and since Ling Mo needed the team, he had to show him some respect.

In other words, it was just an argument, and Ling Mo wouldn’t do anything to him…

With this thought, the man gathered a sliver of courage.

“What were you about to ask me?” Ling Mo asked.

“I was… I asked… whether what the regimental commander has been doing lately is…” the man swallowed hard, struggling to speak.

“It wasn’t that line I heard when I came in, what were you saying?” Ling Mo asked flatly.

Damn, just like that my question was ignored!

The man’s scalp tingled, and then, bracing himself, he said, “Actually, it’s because… the chairman and the regimental commander are quite close friends, so I thought it would be better communication between you two…”

As he spoke, he carefully watched for any changes in Ling Mo’s expression.

Thankfully, Ling Mo still appeared quite calm…

When he had earlier mocked Lucy, his words had been particularly vicious, but now as he recounted them, he completely changed his tone.

Lucy was not likely to tattle, and besides, this wasn’t exactly lying…

But as for the insult he had just hurled… just thinking about it made him somewhat anxious.

However, as long as he apologized, that should be the end of it, right? Ling Mo surely wouldn’t create a rift with a member of Team F over this…

“We were just talking about this, but I’m a straightforward person, so I might have been a bit harsh, for which I need to apologize to the chairman…” The man tried to put on a sincere face and chuckled.

“A bit harsh? Haha…”

Before he could finish, Ling Mo calmly interrupted him, “What you call ‘harsh’ is actually being rude!”

With those sharp words, Ling Mo’s foot had already kicked out.

The man was also a psychic, but he was so taken aback that he couldn’t dodge, and with his legs already weak, he was kicked to the ground, immediately crying out in pain.

He hit without warning? Not even offering a shred of dignity?

Everyone present was stunned, and the man who was kicked to the ground was dumbfounded.

As he hit the ground, his recently inflated ego shattered along with it.

To be honest, although they had heard a lot about Ling Mo’s deeds, and some had even recently heard about the selection of the Miracle Team, there was still a part of them that believed if they faced Ling Mo, they might not lose too terribly.

But now, lying at Ling Mo’s feet, the man finally realized that his greatest sorrow was his own overconfidence.

You won’t die if you don’t seek death!

“The strength isn’t on the same level at all, and this person… he has no hesitation. If I resist, he might even kill me, right?”

The man’s heart raced, not wanting to die.

“Lucy is a woman, and also your chairman, and you insult her like this?” Ling Mo kicked again fiercely, asking in a chilling tone.

“Ah! I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” The man screamed, stuttering as he begged for mercy.

This display of spinelessness immediately drew looks of contempt from some, but no one said a word.

Put themselves in his shoes, and they might not be able to withstand it either.

When a person is obsessed 24/7 with surviving by any means necessary, the word ‘alive’ can sometimes become a heavy shackle, making them involuntarily discard certain things.

Dignity, trust, and even their own body…

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” The man struggled on the ground trying to get up, apologizing repeatedly.

“Ling Mo…” Lucy still had a soft heart. Seeing how weak the man had become, and then remembering how arrogant he’d been earlier, she couldn’t help but feel sad for him…

But before she could voice her concern, she heard Ling Mo arrogantly reprimand, “She’s my woman, who are you to lecture her?”


Those around, who had been completely intimidated by Ling Mo’s ferocity, almost choked on their own spit when they heard this.

So he admitted it!

And in such a brazen manner at that!

That was real power play, the subtext being, “This is how it is, what are you going to do about it?!”

Lucy, meanwhile, was stunned. For a few seconds, her mind echoed with Ling Mo’s words: “She’s my woman…”

“I’m his woman?” Lucy thought in a daze.

“Anyone else want to give lessons?” Ling Mo’s gaze swept over the crowd.

The group swiftly averted their eyes, indicating they had no objections.

The man on the ground clenched his teeth in frustration. Weren’t they all shouting along just a moment ago? Now they were acting like cowards, leaving him to take all the blame…RE𝒂ad updated st𝒐ries at n/𝒐/vel/bin(.)com

“Since you have no objections now, you better keep your mouths shut in the future as well.”

Ling Mo walked over to the table, leaned his hands on the edge, and stared at the group with his deep eyes: “Now, let’s discuss another matter. I believe I’ve mentioned that your current abilities are not enough to satisfy me, so I’m training my own team, it’s as simple as that. As for poaching… haha, those people, did you ever really care about them?”

His words left everyone speechless.

That’s right, Ye Kai, the troublemaker, despite having decent strength, was seen as nothing more than a nuisance in their eyes…

And about the other three… aside from Gu Shuangshuang, who they remembered somewhat because she was a girl, the other two… embarrassingly, they hadn’t even managed to remember what these two looked like, and they were hearing their names for the first time.

Team F was only so large, and for someone to be ignored to such an extent, they had to be minor characters of no significance.

If it weren’t for Ling Mo choosing them, would anyone here have even noticed them?

But what everyone was really wondering was why such a weak group seemed so strong under Ling Mo?

They had all heard rumors that members had been trying to get in touch with them lately, even under the guise of seeking advice to gauge their strength, and yet they all got beaten and sent back.

Truly bizarre!

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