My Vampire System

Chapter 15 Finding my next targe

Chapter 15 Finding my next targe

Layla had been tracking Quinn and the others for a while now, she was even there when Quinn was busy dealing with Mono. Although she didn’t plan to help out or anything, she was just amazed that Quinn was able to attract so much attention in one day.

The only thing that Layla was confused about was why did Quinn’s punch seem so weak and slow. From the looks of things, it seemed like Quinn really did want to punch Mono but that defiantly wasn’t his best from what she had seen at the training centre.

After Vorden had stormed off, Peter and Quinn decided that it would be best that they head back to class for their next lesson. They walked for a while but just before they got back to the first-year building, a group of first-year students were standing in front of the staircase.

There were three of them in total and on their wrist watch they had a power level between 2 and 2.5.

"What are we going to do, Dan asked for 50 credits by the end of this week." One of the boys said.

"I know, why did they have to pick on us, just cause we’re weaker than him." Another boy replied.

Credits were the School’s and city’s currency system. Even though they were at military school, the rest of the city functioned as normal. There were still restaurants and shops and even fun activities and games to play all around the city. If you wanted to do these things you would have to pay with credits.

Students received free food while at the school but they also received a daily amount of ten credits that would be sent to their wristwatch. The students were able to get more credits by performing well on missions, school activities, and rewards.

Peter and Quinn continued to walk past the boys to head the class, that’s when one of the boys called out to them.

"Wait, stop right there you two!" the boy shouted. Vissit n𝒐velbin(.)c𝒐m for 𝒏ew 𝒏ovels

Peter stopped immediately while Quinn carried on walking.

"Hey, are you listening I said stop." The boy said, then another boy immediately got in front of Quinn and pushed him back to where Peter was standing.

Quinn was hoping another incident wouldn’t occur at least while out in the sun. If he got inside the building just in time then he thought he would have had a fighting chance.

"I think I might have just solved our credits problem; you must be the only level ones in this whole school." The boy said. "Hand over 10 credits each and you can go inside."

"But that’s all the credits we have," Peter complained.

"look I don’t want to do this but if I don’t, then my arse gets beat. Hand over the credits now."

Peter looked at Quinn with hope in his eyes, perhaps thinking that Quinn might have been able to do something like last time but after trying to hit Mono, he knew he would have no chance. Besides, these were level twos even at full strength he might not be able to beat them.

Quinn decided that it would be better off to just hand over the credits anyway. It was better than losing a fight and forcing the credits over.

Just then Quinn received another system message.

\u003c A New quest has been given \u003e

\u003c A Power level difference of 2 has been detected\u003e

\u003c Additional exp will be awarded\u003e

\u003cDefeat the student known as Rylee\u003e

Suddenly, Quinn wanted to test out his chances. The idea of gaining additional exp and levelling up even further became really attractive to him but Quinn wouldn’t let his greed win him over. Right now there were three level 2 power users but the system had only asked him to defeat one of them.

The first thing Quinn needed to do was get inside so he could use his inspect skill and find out which one was named Rylee. Right now if Quinn used it outside it would only appear as a blur.

In the end, Quinn decided to hand over the ten credits, He placed his watch on the other boys and the credits were transferred over. Peter ended up doing the same and the two of them were allowed to enter the building.

"Hey that was a great idea man!" one of the boys said, "Should we just stay out here until we find someone weaker again."

"What!" Quinn said in his head, he was hoping that once they had paid them, the boys would enter the building but it looked like they were going to hang outside for a while. Quinn suddenly stopped and waited.

"What are you two doing, scram unless you want an ass-kicking!" A boy said.

Then Quinn clenched his fist and shouted.


All three boys turned their heads at the same time but not one of them replied. Quinn bad luck continued but he had one more plan to find out which one of them was Rylee.

"If you pull this sort of thing again on me Rylee, your dead!" Quinn said.

Suddenly the boy stood in the centre of the three with red hair got up and shouted.

"What the hell did you say to me you little punk?"

"Run!" run Quinn shouted.

Like a bolt of lightning, Peter and Quinn ran as fast as they could to their next class.

"What did you do that for?" Peter asked.

"I just wanted to annoy them a little."

Peter couldn’t help but think Quinn was a little mad but he liked the fact that Quinn didn’t seem to take crap from people stronger than him and kind of looked up to him a little.

Once they were just outside their class Quinn opened up his status screen to check if the Quest was still active.

"Good." Even though Quinn was now away from Rylee, it seemed like the quest was still active and Quinn would get the exp as long as he completed it at any time.

And Now he knew which one was Rylee and who his first target would be.

"You’re going to help me level up."

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