Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 11 - First Bucket of Money

Chapter 11: First Bucket of Money

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“Thirty thousand? Are you kidding? I’ll give you 50 thousand, young girl.”

“Sixty thousand,” another man bid.

“Seventy thousand.”

“Eighty thousand.”


“One hundred and twenty thousand!”

Everyone was shocked again. One hundred and twenty thousand for a blue and white porcelain bracelet from Ming and Qing Dynasty was way too much.

Gu Ning was shocked as well. This was her first time to sell an antique. She knew antiques were expensive, but the price was still a great surprise to her.

She thought forty thousand would be high enough, because the power of this bracelet wasn’t strong. It wasn’t worth too much because it had a short history.

One hundred and twenty thousand meant nothing for Gu Ning in her last lifetime, but for now, it was a huge amount of money.

In the end, Gu Ning sold the bracelet for 120 thousand yuan.

Although everyone felt surprised by the high price, only experts knew this bracelet was worth much more than that in the market.

A bracelet made of blue and white porcelain from Ming and Qing Dynasty, even from a broken one, was expensive.

Nowadays, a blue and white porcelain plate from Ming and Qing Dynasty was worth millions of yuan. The price of this bracelet wouldn’t be lower than 200 thousand in the market.

Though Gu Ning wasn’t experienced, and had no idea how much exactly this bracelet was worth, she wouldn’t regret.

She needed money right now, and had no time to wait for a more generous buyer.

Besides, she didn’t know how to put this bracelet into the market.

There was a designated bank in the antique market. One needed to go to the bank for the money.

Gu Ning didn’t have a bank card, but her ID card, so she had one bank card on-site.

When she had received the money, she gave the bracelet to the buyer, and the service fee was transferred to the appraiser afterwards.

The service fee ranged from hundreds to thousands. It depended on the seller.

What Gu Ning had earned wasn’t much in the antique industry, so she only needed to pay two thousand yuan.

But Gu Ning was generous, who directly paid the appraiser 10 thousand.

When she had left the bank, Gu Ning felt she was targeted.

The antique street wasn’t a safe place with all kinds of people around. It was quite normal that she had become someone’s target as soon as she had earn a large amount of money.

Gu Ning calmed down. She left the antique street without any delay.

The minute Gu Ning had left the street, several men, who had been stalking her rushed ahead to stop her.

Four hoodlums around 20 years old surrounded Gu Ning.

The others all ran away in fear, and no one was willing to help.

“Give us all your money, or I’ll teach you a lesson.” The head of those hoodlums, who has yellow hair threatened Gu Ning.

“Oh, how?” Gu Ning squinted, like she couldn’t care less.

And the onlookers were surprised by Gu Ning being so calm.

Wasn’t she scared? Was she pretending? Or, did she think anyone would help?

Those hoodlums were notorious around this area, and no one dared to be involved.

“Don’t ever hope that someone would help you. Let me tell you, no one dare to. Just give me your money!” The man in yellow hair threatened once more.

Gu Ning knew no one would help her, because everyone had run away. However, she was confident she could easily beat those bad guys.

“Take it by yourself if you want.” Gu Ning challenged him.

“You...” Those hoodlums was irritated at once.

“Great. Beat her!” The man with yellow hair ordered. T/his chapter is updat𝓮d by nov(ê(l)

Then, two hoodlums ran to Gu Ning, trying to catch her.

But before they could come near her, Gu Ning kicked one man in the stomach. The man fell down on the ground in pain immediately.

Then, Gu Ning turned to another one, and punched him directly. The latter suffered at once.

The other two hoodlums were in shock now. It was beyond their imagination that a teenage girl could be so violent.

All of a sudden, a boy who rushed out nearby attacked the man in yellow hair. The man fell down instantly.

The only one, who was left alone standing there, escaped right away. Unfortunately, he ran too fast to recognize the direction, and hit a pole, then bounced back to the ground.

Gu Ning laughed out loud by this funny scene.

Right at this moment, the boy who had attacked the hoodlum in yellow hair ran to Gu Ning. He said in excitement, “Gu Ning, it is really you! I thought I was wrong. Wow, you’re so good and beat down two men easily.”

Gu Ning knew this boy. He was a senior from the top class in their high school. His name was Mu Ke.

Mu Ke was nearly 5’11” tall. He was a handsome and good-looking boy.

Gu Ning and Mu Ke were from different classes. She knew Mu Ke was Qin Zheng’s classmate and they were good friends. Mu Ke also knew the truth behind she and Qin Zheng’s relationship.

But Mu Ke was different from his friends. He was a good upright boy, and even told her secretly that Qin Zheng wasn’t her Mr. Right.

But back then, Gu Ning had loved Qin Zheng so much. She wouldn’t listen to anyone else.

Thinking of that, Gu Ning actually held a great opinion of Mu Ke.

“Thank you so much, Mu Ke.” Gu Ning smiled to Mu Ke, and thanked him sincerely.

Though she was able to deal with it all on her own, Mu Ke had helped her indeed. She ought to thank him for that.

Gu Ning was a beautiful girl. She seemed ordinary only because she spent less time on appearance.

Gu Ning’s smile had made Mu Ke flush.

“You’re welcome. And I think even though I didn’t helped you, they couldn’t hurt you at all.” Mu Ke was a little shy before Gu Ning.

“Anyway, thank you so much for helping me.” Gu Ning said.

Suddenly, Mu Ke remembered something important. He looked at Gu Ning with astonishment, “Oh, I’ve heard Qin Zheng has broken up with you on Friday, and then you’ve caught by a car accident. How are you right now?”

Mu Ke had no intention to hurt Gu Ning’s feelings. He really cared about her.

But he hadn’t been there in person, so he had only heard of it.

He believed it was Qin Zheng’s fault, but he had no right to get involved in his friend’s personal relations.

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