Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3842 - 916 - Everlasting City

Chapter 916 – Everlasting City

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Xia Qingying looked at Shi Feng’s average-sized body, feeling he was joking with her. As for Endless Scars, although she had her face covered with a veil, it wasn’t difficult for those around her to see the disdain under that veil.

Realistically speaking, Shi Feng, as a great grandmaster, was indeed stronger than Crocodile Fang. However, Xia Qingying obviously wasn’t asking about mental strength standards but why Frey would go against Angel’s Retribution for Shi Feng.

Zero Wing was stronger than Angel’s Retribution?

No matter how they looked at it, there was no comparison between the two Guilds. The two Guilds were worlds apart simply in the number of fifth-floor experts and Level 230-plus experts each commanded. The current Zero Wing was vastly inferior to even the Blood Wing adventurer team, let alone Angel’s Retribution.

“If you don’t want to say it, forget it,” Xia Qingying said, giving up on getting an answer from Shi Feng. “Regardless, thanks to your acquaintance with Miss Frey, we managed to get out of this mess. Otherwise, we would have been in deep trouble.”

When Shi Feng saw Xia Qingying’s skepticism, he did not try to explain himself. The current Zero Wing was no longer the same Guild that Xia Qingying knew before. Zero Wing had changed dramatically since the Tower of the Abyss’s construction, and the Guild’s fifth-floor experts were skyrocketing in number by the day. Aside from levels and equipment standards, Zero Wing’s experts had already exceeded the various pseudo-apex powers’ experts in quantity and quality.

As Zero Wing’s ally, Frey was well aware of these changes. Although the Red Dragon Nation’s fifth-floor experts didn’t get the privilege of using the Tower of the Abyss at least ten times a day like Zero Wing’s fifth-floor experts, they still got to use the tower twice daily. This allowed Frey to create a legion rivaling even the trump card legions of apex powers.

At this rate, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the Red Dragon Nation was guaranteed to rival apex powers. All it needed was time to digest the Tower of the Abyss’s benefits.

It was also because Frey knew about the Tower of the Abyss’s astonishing effects that she knew how terrifying Zero Wing was. If comparing only the quantity and quality of fifth-floor experts in the Eternal Realm, Zero Wing was likely superior to even apex powers, let alone Angel’s Retribution. Furthermore, this was only the trump card that Frey currently knew about.

Zero Wing’s true trump card right now was Dragon’s Crown. However, besides the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary’s ten pseudo-apex powers, no other powers in the Greater God’s Domain knew about Dragon’s Crown. It was also unlikely that this information would spread any time soon, as none of the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary’s ten pseudo-apex powers wanted others to know about Dragon’s Crown.

Regardless, so long as Frey wasn’t dumb, she would naturally know how she should choose in this situation.

While Shi Feng and Xia Qingying were talking, Lunar River approached them.

“Dear guests, I am truly sorry for the upsetting incident you have experienced in Desolate Star City,” Lunar River apologized sincerely. Then, she put on an indescribably friendly smile and continued, “As compensation, the auction venue’s third-floor allied rooms will be permanently open to you all. Additionally, the city will provide you a 20% discount on all transactions you make in the auction this time.”

“Twenty percent? Is that okay?” Drifting Bean asked excitedly.

Although many excellent goods were sold at the trade fair, nothing had grabbed her attention. However, Desolate Star City’s auction was a different story. It was rumored that the auction would sell even Divine Artifacts. Although she wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford a Divine Artifact, she should be able to buy the materials needed to repair her Fragmented Divine Artifact. Such materials were rarely seen under normal circumstances. Now that the various powers were willing to sell even Divine Artifacts, they would naturally sell materials necessary to repair Fragmented Divine Artifacts as well.

However, many auction items did not come from King’s Paradise. If Lunar River offered them a 20% discount, this also meant that King’s Paradise would have to foot the bill for that 20%. With each transaction worth tens of thousands of Eternal Gold or more, this 20% discount could end up becoming a significant expenditure for King’s Paradise.

“Of course. This is Desolate Star City’s apology,” Lunar River said, smiling. Then, she guided Shi Feng and the others into the auction hall.

This scene made the various powers’ members present jealous. However, when they considered the relationship between Shi Feng and Frey, they kept their jealousy to themselves. Those local to the Starlight Continent even reported this situation to their superiors in detail, prohibiting their members from provoking Zero Wing. Otherwise, they would be responsible for the consequences of their actions.

As for Desolate Star City’s auction, it turned out grander than expected. Over 10,000 items were sold in the auction, many of which were Fragmented Divine Artifacts and rare materials needed to repair Fragmented Divine Artifacts. There were even two Divine Artifacts. However, as each Divine Artifact sold for more than 500,000 Eternal Gold, most attending powers could only sigh helplessly. If Shi Feng hadn’t secretly spent 1.27 million Eternal Gold to buy 120 Eternal Stones, he would have bid on those two Divine Artifacts.

Xia Qingying and Drifting Bean also gained a significant harvest. Xia Qingying bought herself another high-quality Fragmented Divine Artifact, while Drifting Bean collected enough materials to repair her Fragmented Divine Artifact.

After the auction, Xia Qingying hastily returned to the Green God Corporation’s main headquarters because of an urgent matter. As for Shi Feng, just as he was about to take a passenger plane back to Star Lake City, Shuoyun suddenly invited him to have a chat at the City Lord’s Manor.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, forgive me for inviting you here on such short notice,” Lunar River said, getting up from her seat when she saw Shi Feng entering her office. Then, she poured a cup of tea and pushed it across her desk. “It’s nothing special, but have a taste of this tea steeped with Stardew. Its mental recovery properties are slightly stronger than that of Stardew. It should accelerate the recovery of your mental strength.”

Shi Feng drank the tea without reservation. Immediately, he experienced a sense of comfort that spread to his soul. Like Lunar River said, the tea’s recovery properties were superior to Stardew’s. He even felt that his mental strength would make a full recovery by the time he returned to Star Lake City.

After experiencing the tea’s effects, Shi Feng bluntly asked, “What business do you have with me, Miss River?”

“You are a very straightforward person, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Lunar River said, stroking her long hair. Then, she sat down and continued with a smile, “In that case, I will speak frankly on behalf of King’s Paradise. I have heard from Miss Frey that your Guild is fully responsible for constructing the Tower of the Abyss. I dare say that the tower’s value is limitless.

“The only problem is that the Eternal Realm’s players have outgrown the maps surrounding Shadowring Town, making it wasteful to have the Tower of the Abyss remain there. If the Tower of the Abyss is constructed in a big city with a player population exceeding one hundred million, the profits it can generate for Zero Wing will increase by at least one hundredfold.

“Could you elaborate on the main point, Miss River?” Shi Feng asked, then calmly took another sip of tea.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, you may not be aware, but there is a reason why the Eternal Realm’s various pseudo-apex powers and apex powers, as well as its many hidden powers, are not rushing to attack Shadowring Town,” Lunar River said leisurely, looking at Shi Feng’s calm composure. “Seven days ago, a massive island appeared in the Eternal Realm’s central region. There is an incredibly old city on that island called Everlasting City. The city is very special. Although many NPCs live in it, it is enveloped by a barrier that prevents players from entering.

“According to investigations, Everlasting City hosts a monthly competition for players. During the competition, the various powers can send as many teams of players as they want into the city to occupy land. Currently, though, all players who exceed Level 220 will have their levels suppressed to Level 220 once they enter the city.

“Of the teams that participate in the competition, the top ten teams that occupy the most land can receive a Great Lord Token, which can be used to construct a Guild City anywhere in the Eternal Realm. Teams that manage to occupy at least four plots of land will also receive a set of Eternal World Magic Array Scrolls that can help defend against the Eternal Realm’s Void Beast Tide!

“You might not have heard of the Void Beast Tide, but it is a periodic disaster that occurs in the Eternal Realm once every few months or at least once a year. In the face of a Void Beast Tide, most cities and towns will be devoured; only a few cities can barely withstand it.

“Currently, King’s Paradise is one of the few powers that have the ability to secure the Eternal World Magic Array. Our teams even have the potential to enter the top ten. So long as Zero Wing is willing to hand over half the shares of the Tower of the Abyss and reconstruct it in King’s Paradise’s Guild City, King’s Paradise will guarantee that Zero Wing receives a set of Eternal World Magic Array scrolls after every competition and never falls to a Void Beast Tide. What do you think of this proposal, Guild Leader Black Flame?”

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