Super Gene

Chapter 23: Obsidian Dragon

Chapter 23: Obsidian Dragon

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The giant snake shrieked and rushed madly toward Son of Heaven, who was covered in egg, leaving Han Sen alone.

Han Sen turned and ran with the remaining snake egg. Jumping on an inflatable boat, he desperately rowed to the other side without looking back.

He still had an egg with him, and if both snakes decided to go for him, it would be no fun at all.

"Dollar, f*#k your..." Han Sen heard cursing from behind, followed by all sorts of human voices and the beast’s roar.

Han Sen went to the other side, jumped onto the shore and ran out of the big gap. Without a pause, he ran toward the shelter.

After running for a while, Han Sen started to get uneasy. In case Son of Heaven and his gang escaped, they would definitely go for him, and he could by no means outrun their mounts.

Han Sen decided to go into the forest and take a detour so that he didn’t risk being caught by them.

They had been in the shelter for years, and everyone was fit and had plenty of beast souls. Even though they were no match for the snakes, surely some of them could get away. It was best to be careful.

That night, Han Sen found a corner to take shelter from the wind and got some firewood. Sealing the snake egg with a layer of mud, he put it on the fire and barbecued it.

While cooking, Han Sen murmured, "Pure life, before you see this dirty world, let me handle the sin and send you back to heaven."

"Young obsidian dragon killed. No beast soul gained. Eat it to gain zero to ten sacred geno points randomly." Having barbecued it for a while, Han Sen heard the voice.

"So it was not a snake... unfortunately I didn’t gain the beast soul," Han Sen thought greedily.

Soon the egg was cooked and Han Sen used a stick to get the egg out of the fire. Breaking the burnt mud crust on the outside, he saw the delicious egg white.

Han Sen took a bite, and the egg was so much better than a chicken egg.

"Young obsidian dragon eaten. One sacred geno point gained..."

Han Sen ate the whole egg and was so full he couldn’t move. He had gained five sacred geno points. Adding the eight points he already had, Han Sen now had thirteen sacred geno points.

It took Han Sen eight or nine days to reach Steel Armor Shelter. Son of Heaven and his gang had been back for two days already when he arrived.

There were only eight in the gang that returned alive, and everyone was injured. Even some of Son of Heaven’s henchmen had died. Son of Heaven wouldn’t say what they had done, and Qin Xuan and Fist Guy failed to find out.

Several hired thugs, however, had come back alive after they had fallen into the water. And through them, Qin Xuan and Fist Guy eventually learned what had happened. They still had no idea what had happened after the hired men fell into the water, so just took for granted that the gang was hurt by the obsidian dragons.

Their guess was only half right, because the egg thrown by Han Sen also contributed a lot the gang’s predicament. After all, they wouldn’t have had to fight the dragons if he hadn’t done that.

Son of Heaven was afraid of being ridiculed, and did not tell what happened later, while secretly he launched a new search for Dollar.

"It is a pity that Son of Heaven and Luo Tianyang didn’t die." Han Sen learned what had happened and felt relieved.

He was afraid that Son of Heaven might suspect something, seeing he had returned alone.

Now that there were other survivors, Han Sen naturally had nothing to worry about, and caught a primitive copper-toothed beast on his way back to the shelter. If Son of Heaven and his gang came to interrogate him, he could just say he was rushed downstream and got lucky.

Han Sen was thinking too much, because Son of Heaven did not have the time to ask him and didn’t make the connection at all.

More than half a month was spent on the expedition. Han Sen teleported out of God’s Sanctuary to see his mother and sister. However, at the gate of the transport station, Qin Xuan was standing at the exit, looking at him coldly.

"You sure can hide. It’s been more than half a month since I saw you. Do you think I’ll spare you from the punishment you deserve?"

"Miss Qin, what do you want?" Han Sen looked at her, depressed. Qin Xuan was now the stationmaster, and there was no way to bypass her.

"Easy, take this and come with me." Qin Xuan threw a combat suit at Han Sen.

"You would not kill me anyway," Han Sen thought, taking the combat suit and following her back to the station. They didn’t teleport to God’s Sanctuary but to the combat room in the station.

Han Sen put on the combat suit and entered the room, where Qin Xuan stood in a red combat suit with black stripes.

A combat suit was not just clothing, but a high-tech product that could function as armor, with in-built sensors which recorded all data during fighting, including heart rate, breathing, punch speed and the impact taken. This allowed the users to understand their physical status and determine their future practice methods.

"If you win, I will leave you alone for good." Qin Xuan curled her finger, indicating Han Sen should attack.

"You are about to max out on sacred geno points and have so many beast souls. I just graduated, and you have trained in the army for so long. Why don’t you just say you want to kill me?" Even if Han Sen could win, he didn’t want to expose the fact that he was Dollar. And he wasn’t confident about the fight.

"No beast soul allowed. And we are clear if you can still stand after 50 movements," Qin Xuan said casually.

"Deal." Han Sen believed he could endure 50 movements if he focused on defense.

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