The Hero King, Reincarnate to Master the Art of War ~And Thus, I Became The Strongest Knight Disciple (♀) in The World~

Chapter 412: 16 Year Old Inglis and the Highland on Distance Sea (21)

Chapter 412: 16 Year Old Inglis and the Highland on Distance Sea (21)

Inglis traced her fingertips over her body, activating the Dragon Sorcery.


Dragon Sorcery, Dragon Ice Armor. The blue armor, adorned with a dragon design, roared loudly as it materialized.

And there was more—


Ether Armor!

The Dragon Ice Armor was essentially a weaker version of the Ether Armor. It provided Inglis with modest defense and slightly enhanced her physical abilities. Although it paled in comparison to the Ether Armor, its most significant feature was its compatibility with it.

With her current proficiency, Inglis could activate three types of power simultaneously; Ether Battle Technique, Dragon Roar, and Sorcery.

The Dragon Ice Armor, a product of Dragon Sorcery, was a blend of Dragon Roar and Sorcery, while Ether Armor stemmed from an Ether Battle Technique.Tôp 𝒏𝒐v𝒆l updates on n/(o)/v/𝒆lb/in(.)com

This form represented her strongest state, fully mobilizing all three powers.

"Ah, hang on, Glis…!"

Before Rafinha could intervene, Inglis dashed towards the sea. She was already moving before they noticed. She was incredibly fast. In moments, a trail of frozen seawater stretched far into the ocean.

"Wha…! E-, EEEHHHHHH…?! Sh-, she disappeared— Wait, is that track leading into the sea actually Inglis…?!"

"Mais, let me tell you something. When Glis is fighting, you just watch over her… if you can see her at all."

"O-, okay, I’ll try…!"

"Either way, we should follow her!"

"I shall go ahead! You three should use the Flygear!"

Rafinha and the others began their pursuit of Inglis. By then, Inglis had already discerned the nature of the object approaching from the sea.

"……! It’s not a Prisma…!" Instead, it wasn't even a magic stone beast. "A Flying Battleship…?!"

It appeared significantly older than the Illuminas’ flying battleship commanded by Vilma, perhaps even predating the two battleships currently owned by Charalia. It showed little signs of armament, suggesting it was an antique.

It moved erratically, skimming the water surface with smoke billowing from its rear. If left unchecked, it would likely lose all thrust and sink. A flock of bird-shaped magical stone beasts pursued the ship, while a school of fish-shaped magical stone beasts seemed poised to scavenge once it sank.

"Is it… being attacked by Magic Stone Beasts…?!"

A Flying Battleship meant to head towards Illuminas was under assault by magic stone beasts and was sinking.


As Inglis approached the hull, she shifted direction to run parallel to the ship. She deactivated her Ether Shell to shoot down nearby magic stone beasts using Ether Pierce.

However, this was merely a supplementary action. Clearly, Inglis had no choice but to postpone her battle with the magic stone beasts for now. Rafinha and the others were on their way, so she’d leave those to them. Meanwhile, Inglis decided to focus on the Flying Battleship, which was likely something only she could handle.

The Flying Battleship bobbed on the water's surface, a motion it had repeated several times recently. Inglis seized the moment.


Inglis reactivated her Ether Armor. She positioned herself under the momentarily floating hull, kicked upwards, and gripped the bottom of the ship. With a twist of her body, she harnessed all her strength in her upper body and then—


She hurled the entire Flying Battleship into the air! Due to the force exerted by Inglis, the Flying Battleship's trajectory rose higher and flew further, gaining momentum. However, this alone would not suffice to reach the land of Illuminas. It might even cause the ship to sink faster. She needed a follow-up.

"Not yet!"

The moment Inglis landed, she dashed across the sea surface faster than the Flying Battleship, positioning herself right beneath it again. As before, she leaped, latching onto the battleship still in mid-air, and coiled her body to gather strength.

"One more!"

She propelled the Flying Battleship even higher and farther. The key was to maintain momentum while it was still airborne. If her feet touched the water surface while catching the battleship, the ice under her would merely be a floating platform that would sink under the weight.

She needed to sprint across the sea faster than the Flying Battleship could fly, and muster enough strength to repeatedly hurl it. Even with both Ether Armor and Dragon Ice Armor activated, Inglis felt a considerable strain on her arm. It was excellent training.

—All that was left was to repeat this until it reached the safe zone, that is, Illuminas.

As Inglis maneuvered beneath the Flying Battleship again, she crossed paths with Rafinha and the others coming from the opposite direction.

"Glis—! Good going, just keep carrying it!"

"Got it! Please take care of the Magic Stone Beasts!"

"OK! Leave it to us!"

Even after they passed each other, Inglis continued to propel the Flying Battleship toward Illuminas, coordinating her throws to anticipate its trajectory. En route, she also passed the mecha dragons that had launched from Illuminas. They seemed to have been dispatched to handle the Magic Stone Beasts, though Inglis and her group were slightly quicker.

"Mecha Dragons…! They didn’t interfere with me, that means…!"

The mecha dragons did nothing to either the Flying Battleship or Inglis; they simply ignored them. This suggested that such behavior was tolerated.

Then I'll just keep at it!

"Again! Again! And again!"

They were gradually drawing closer to the Illuminas main island.

"And the last one! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

What distinguished the final throw from the previous ones was that it was aimed at land. In other words, Inglis had to reach the destination ahead of time to catch it.

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