Versatile Mage

Chapter 3153 The Only High-Ranking Emperor

Chapter 3153  The Only High-Ranking Emperor

The Shadow Ancestral Beast also had a third eye.

Honestly, Mo Fan could not tell who was in control between it and the Duke of Shadow.

"Blind it." After some quick thinking, Mo Fan remembered one thing he could use—the Blade of Repentance! This blade could lock souls. Regardless of the target's size, it could find and lock onto its soul.

Mo Fan threw the Blade of Repentance, and it flew straight at the Shadow Ancestral Beast's giant eye.

The Shadow Ancestral Beast could not break free from Mo Fan's time-freezing spell, and its eye sensed the threat from the Blade of Repentance.

At first, the blade appeared small.

However, as it locked onto the beast's soul, it grew huge like a sharp mountain and flew straight at the eye in the sky.

The Shadow Ancestral Beast panicked, but it could not move.

Mo Fan had frozen it.

With great effort, it managed to move ever so slightly. It could only close its eyelid and prevent the terrifying Blade of Repentance from stabbing its eye directly.

Immediately after, a loud roar echoed through the air, like an exploding star.

The Shadow Ancestral Beast was hurt badly. As it staggered, the sky began to look like a shaking giant painting.

Time soon returned to normal in that area.

The beings on the Dark Plane looked at the "sky" in shock. The sky was wounded, and blood was flowing from the terrifying wound.

To be specific, black liquid was gushing out like a waterfall.

The Shadow Ancestral Beast stopped pretending to be the sky and ground. Its body could be big or small, like a shadow; it could change size as it pleased.

It seemed that the beast did not want to fight anymore because it fled after it got hurt.

Mo Fan did not chase it, as the birth of such a creature was rare. Mo Fan did not know how the Duke of Shadow made it obey him. Was this the extent of the Duke of Shadow's Shadow Element Magic? It seemed more like sleight of hand.

"What have you done?!"

Before long, the Duke of Shadow appeared. He was suspended in the air and covering his forehead.

The vertical eye on his forehead was bleeding. It seemed that his eye connected him to the Shadow Ancestral Beast.

With it hurt, they lost their connection.

"I've figured out how you took away my Shadow Element," Mo Fan mocked the injured Duke of Shadow.

When the Shadow Ancestral Beast pretended to be the sky and ground, it controlled all the shadows and energies of the Shadow Element there. That was why Mo Fan could not use his Shadow Element Magic.

Once it left, his Shadow Element returned.

Looking back at the Duke of Shadow, Mo Fan realized that he was just a skilled Shadow Element Forbidden Mage.

He had lost his power, and his strong Shadow Element Magic had weakened!

"How did you learn to control time?!" the Duke of Shadow yelled in frustration.

Mo Fan did not answer.

He had once obtained the Eye of Spacetime and even used it to restore the destroyed Cairo.

Even though he had returned the Eye of Spacetime, he had gained some knowledge about time through it.

With the added boost from the Demon Element, Mo Fan could easily combine and use the powers of the Space Element Forbidden Curse and Chaos Element Forbidden Curse.

By freezing space and breaking the rules, he could make it look like time was standing still.

Mo Fan could even turn back time and restore the area he controlled to how it was before it was destroyed.

However, turning back time required a lot of magic power. It was a monumental task even with the Demon Element's help. If he were in the mortal world, Mo Fan would have turned back time, but since he was on the Dark Plane, he had no reason to do so.

"Now that you've had a taste of my Dimensional Magic, it's time for you to experience the power of the Forbidden Curse from every element!" Mo Fan's voice turned cold, and his aura changed.

He unleashed his demonic presence completely, and scary black flames erupted from the already powerful Sacred Feather Vermilion Bird.

The Vermilion Bird's Sacred Flame and Devil's Black Fire did not clash. Once the Devil's Black Fire fully formed, they remained separated.

Mo Fan then extended his giant wings, one side blazing with Vermilion Bird's Sacred Flame and the other with Devil's Black Fire. His wings were big enough to cover the land on both sides of the ancient dark city.

Countless beings on the Dark Plane looked up and saw either the Sacred Feather Vermilion Bird or the Devil's Feathers. Both were incredibly majestic and made a big impact.

Mo Fan slowly pushed a pure fire above his head and lifted a thunderbolt of chaos.

Despite the volatile nature of thunder and fire, they merged gently.

Just when the Duke of Shadow thought that Mo Fan would unleash another explosive Forbidden Curse, he realized that Mo Fan had not finished his spell yet.

A calm breeze surrounded Mo Fan, and a layer of ice formed beneath his feet.

Next, a pure flower made of water bloomed quietly in his hand, and murky earth covered him like dust.

Then, a gentle light slowly blended into the elements of thunder, fire, ice, wind, water, and earth that he had just created.

This gentle light eventually created a bright and beautiful divine spell.

The stunning colors represented both the birth of life and the source of destruction.

Since magic with one or two elements could not defeat the enemy, Mo Fan combined all the elements. With Light Element Magic as the core, he created the Elemental Annihilation Bud!

The power, which was capable of destroying the sky, grew and expanded wildly as it crushed everything in its path.

It was a massive explosion of elements, but none of the Dark Kings had seen such a vibrant cosmic wave before.

They could not even open their eyes.

After the explosion, a strong elemental pollution spread like a raging ocean. It surged from one side of the Dark Plane to the other, and then, back again.

The Dark Kings were like passengers on a small boat in a fierce storm. They were tossed around pathetically, and they lost all dignity.

As the target of Mo Fan's Elemental Annihilation Bud, the Duke of Shadow resembled a person thrown off a ship.

However, instead of immediately falling into the raging ocean, he was swept into the sky. He endured the storm's lashes for an unknown amount of time before he plunged into the turbulent sea, where he was countlessly battered by the waves. Then, he was thrown back into the sky to endure the storm's assault once again.

This cycle repeated many times. Although Mo Fan never used any time-altering magic, the Duke of Shadow felt an incredibly long-lasting torment.

The sky's color kept changing, but the Duke of Shadow's insignificant figure remained at the center of this powerful Forbidden Curse. He could not touch the ground at all.

Mo Fan still had his hands held high as he controlled the powerful magic.

Everyone on the Dark Plane realized that this potential Dark King was not seeking approval. He was just a powerful villain who had been holding back in the mortal world. He was finally unleashing his power on the Dark Plane.

The earth in the mortal world would not recover from a Forbidden Curse, while the Elemental Annihilation Bud would create a massive crater on the Dark Plane.

"All hail the Evil Saint King!

"All hail the Evil Saint King!"

One follower, who was impressed by Mo Fan's unmatched magic, knelt on the polluted ground and began to join the cult.

The Evil Saint King would definitely become one of the Dark Kings on the Dark Plane. It was better to worship him early than to submit later by force.

"All hail the Evil Saint King!"

Soon, other sensible Dark Creatures began to kneel as well. They realized that the Evil Saint King was not a mere candidate. Even the other Dark Kings could not stop him.

The Cursed Queen fell silent, mainly because the turbulence was making her dizzy.

It suddenly dawned on her that even though she had mastered the highest level of curses, Mo Fan would eventually overpower her since he had mastered all elements.

While Mo Fan's victory over the Duke of Shadow did not guarantee that he could defeat her, there was a good chance that he could.

All the Dark Kings had reached the highest level of strength, so it was hard for them to become even stronger.

Mo Fan, on the other hand, was different.

He had the potential to grow immensely and the ability to create magic without limits.

Once he became a Dark King, he would undoubtedly be the most powerful among them!

In that case, she had no reason to make enemies with him.

"Looks like there's an extra seat now," the King of Night and Day finally spoke up.

He was surprised by Mo Fan's abilities, but he still maintained the mysterious demeanor expected of a Dark King.

He and the Duke of Shadow, who was the weakest among the Dark Kings, were vastly different. Looking back, the only one who could match him was Wen Tai.

Wen Tai was the one who set up this gathering, and the King of Night and Day was playing host.

It did not matter whether the Duke of Shadow lived or died anymore. His position had already been taken.

"But there's still a sacred soul. Based on the current situation, he might have his own seat. That means one of us has to give up our seat," the Cursed Queen said.

She felt a bit uneasy. RE𝒂ad updated st𝒐ries at n/𝒐/vel/bin(.)com

She was also one of the least powerful among the Dark Kings. There was a possibility that Mo Fan might go mad and try to seize her position alongside Mu Bai. She was not scared, just worried about what the other Dark Kings might do.

There was no real friendship among the Dark Kings.

"How about another round of fighting and see who they choose as their opponent?" the mist of decay suggested. It was surrounded by a poisonous fog.

The other Dark Kings looked at the Cursed Queen with hostility.

She could sense their disrespect. They all thought that she was just a weak ruler who was slightly stronger than the Duke of Shadow.

"Wen Tai, what are you up to?! We agreed to team up against the outsiders, but now the Dark Kings that rank last are about to be eliminated! Do you really think you're our leader and in charge of choosing the kings?!" The Cursed Queen got angry.

They had agreed to share the newcomers, but she and the Duke of Shadow ended up being targeted.

"You've got it wrong." Wen Tai shook his head.

"But how is the current situation any different from what I just said? Do you think the people of Cursed Land will accept this?" The Cursed Queen felt threatened.

"Wen Tai, I don't think this is right either. We're all friends here. The Duke of Shadow might have done some questionable things over the years, which does not befit a Dark King, but the Cursed Queen is a Dark King worthy of respect," another king, who was hidden in the dim light, said.

"Dusk King, you've misunderstood me." Wen Tai shook his head again. He clarified that he never acted as the leader of the Dark Kings by deciding who got promoted or eliminated.

"Alright, then. Let's do it. Mo Fan may be strong, but he's nowhere near as experienced as us. Wen Tai, you go first," the Dusk King suggested.

"Wen Tai, please take action," the others echoed.

"Alright." Wen Tai nodded to show that he was willing to fight Mo Fan.

His figure gradually materialized in the area polluted by elements.

Since he was wearing a black and white robe, he did not resemble a dark mass; he looked more vivid. A peaceful glow surrounded him and made him seem like a symbol of divine will emerging from a temple.

He was the chosen one who had willingly descended into hell.

Wen Tai had countless followers in the mortal world. Even though he had spent years on the Dark Plane, he still influenced many renowned figures worldwide, including the mad Salan.

Wen Tai was also Mo Fan's father-in-law.

Mo Fan was calm as he met Wen Tai's gaze.

He even found Wen Tai similar to his father, Mo Jiaxin. The light in Wen Tai's eyes was similar to that of an average person who did not practice magic. Despite being the top Dark King, Wen Tai exuded a gentle vibe.

Mo Fan instinctively glanced at the thin layer of water on the ground.

The thin layer of water could cleanse any elemental pollution. Soon, Mo Fan saw Wen Tai's skeletal reflection; he had a golden skeleton!

It was clear that Wen Tai was no longer a living person.

When Mo Fan looked back at Wen Tai, he sensed a hint of murderous intent from him.

It made Mo Fan acutely aware of the fundamental gap in the magic hierarchy.

Wen Tai was the first high-ranking emperor in human history!

At this point, Mo Fan's mind was a mess.

So, this was someone who bravely embraced death?

If Wen Tai were still human, he would be the only person in the history of human magic to become a Supreme Mage!

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