Voyage With The Pirate King

Chapter 454 - Jailbreak And A Husband Robbed Away By An Insect

Chapter 454 – Jailbreak And A Husband Robbed Away By An Insect

Ji Yao suppressed a smile that was threatening to show on his face as he replied, "Mn," while raising his hands to set him free.

Rui Fei smiled as he separated from him before working on those chains. While the two were attempting a jailbreak, Qilin San who had been disgusted out of the room by their dirty talk walked down the hallway only for him to pause for a split second.

At that time, he was wondering if it was a good idea to leave those two alone. Not because they would run but because they might do the unmentionable in that oom.

He wanted to stop them but he was also unwilling to walk back there. What if they had already torn at each other's clothes? Wouldn't it be unsettling for him if he walked in on that? In the end, he decided not to dirty his eyes as he walked down the hall to his war room.

This was undoubtedly the place where he was discussing strategies with his men. The place was packed with several Qilin elders arguing about the weaknesses of each clan involved in the conflict.

As he walked in Qilin San scanned the crowd and he was about to issue his command when he realised someone was missing. His brows creased into a scowl he asked, "Where is he?"

Everyone understood which he he was referring to but none of them knew where he was especially after they heard about the fight Qilin Kai had with their clan leader. It was better to stay out of it.

Met by their silence Qilin San lost it as things around him caught fire. That rarely seen eternal flame burst forth making the elders cower a little though they showed none of it on their faces.

Qilin San was about to burn this room to the ground when a voice spoke from behind him with a tone so nonchalant you would think that the clan leader's anger had absolutely nothing to do with him.

"I am here… uncle," he said in a drawling tone as he leisurely leaned against the door panel with his arms crossed on his chest. This version of Qilin Kai was only ever seen by his enemies or people he was comfortable around but not in Qilin San's presence.

In front of Qilin San, he was a well behaved, competent heir who would never go against him. But after getting beaten and burnt by his predecessor that obedient heir died that day.

Qilin San snorted coldly as the flames spread throughout all the curtains making the elders in the room sweat profusely out of fear.

"Are you challenging me?" asked Qilin San as he took a step forward his expression as terrifying as a resentful ghost.

Qilin Kai felt fear rise from the pit of his stomach but he remained steadfast. He knew he couldn't beat Qilin San but as the saying goes 'the enemy of your enemy is your friend'. He just had to lure him out and keep him busy enough to get his son and those two brats out.

That way Qilin San won't have anything he would be holding above their heads. With a sinister smile on his face and his eyes glowing with azure flames he said, "No, how could that be? Uncle is too powerful and I am just a weak insignificant thing."

Contrary to his words he unsheathed his weapon with a ferocious flame spreading to the tip of its blade.

Elders, "….."

"Ha… I should have known you were as stupid as fuck," he said as his sword extended with a loud crackling sound. As his body was surrounded by a burst of flames a suffocating pressure surrounded the room making everyone uneasy.

The elders who would rather not be caught up in the crossfire shuffled up and began to squeeze through the door to leave. A foreboding silence filled the room after the elders graciously closed the door behind them. Just as they heaved a sigh catching their breaths a loud boom ripped through the air as the part of the wall they were leaning against was blown away.

The group of men ducked down as the debris and dust filled the corridor. Another series of explosions followed but this time it exploded outside the palace attracting Huishe Nan's attention.

"QILIN SAN!" he bellowed with his body shrouded in marvellous light. Qilin San who was suppressing Qilin Kai with his vicious flames blasting him through the building stopped as his head abruptly turned to look at him.

An eerie smile showed on his expressionless face as the flames died down. That's when he realised what Qilin Kai did but it didn't matter. His chest heaving deeply with a rapid heartbeat he glared at Huishe Nan from afar.

Bright red lights illuminated his body as he bellowed lunging forward. The two clan leaders clashed in the middle with their bodies fully transformed into their true forms. Powerful after blast shockwaves ripped through the city sending the weak flying.

Among them was Ji Yao and Rui Fei who had been busy trying to remove the rest of the chains. That aftershock swept past the half platform slash room they were in and they hit their bodies against the wall while covered in rubble.Nnêw n0vel chapters are published on n0v/e/(lb)i(n.)co/m

Qilin Hao felt something was off but because part of those chains was still suppressing Ji Yao aether she couldn't sense him. What she did notice however was a big cicada flying away with her husband.

Her eyes wide she swore, "Fuck," before leaping into the sky to catch that filthy insect trying to run away with her man.

Its wings flapping at a fast speed it fled the scene but how could it outfly Qilin Hao. With the swing of her whip sword, she lashed at the cicada accurately striking its wing. With one wing smoking and the other barely able to keep its weight up in the sky the cicada chirped as it tumbled to the ground.

"I got you, I got you," muttered Qilin Hao as she dove down from the sky to grab her husband who was free-falling from the sky. But before she could catch him another shockwave hit them sending them flying in different directions.

Because the two clan leaders were tearing at each other there would be more of these explosives making things difficult for anyone around them.

Qilin Hao quietly landed on the ground within the cloud of dust and engaged her aether sending forth her seraphic energy to search for her husband. But instead of finding him, she felt another presence that was familiar to her.

Her brow creased she turned to look only for a cloud of sparkly dust like that of fairies sprayed on her face before she was knocked out cold. Within the cloud of dust were four figures that seemed out of this world.

"Take them all down first then we can negotiate," said a melodious voice followed by two responses,

"Yes, sister Xiyue."

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