Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter Ice Spirit Tribe Side Story 6 - Lin Dong Battles Three Sovereigns

Cold Qi swirled within the ancestral land of the Ice Spirit Tribe. The faces of the three Heavenly Sovereigns, Battle Emperor, Dragon Sovereign and Snow Devil Old Man, had become rather grave. Their eyes were glued to the calm figure in the distance that was standing in the air.

Previously, none of the them had been able to do anything against that figure.

The trio exchanged a look, and saw the graveness and fear in each other’s eyes. No matter how unwilling they were, after the previous exchange of blows, they had no choice but to admit that the power possessed by this man from the lower planes that stood before their eyes, had exceeded their own.

If it was one on one, it would be difficult for even the undefeatable Battle Emperor to gain the upper hand.

“Let’s do it together.”

Battle Emperor suggested in a low voice, while his eyes were fixed on Lin Dong’s figure like a hawk. Although the trio’s reputations would suffer if they joined hands, he was not inflexible. Choosing to stubbornly take on such an opponent alone, even while knowing that he would be no match for the latter, was no different from courting death.Thê sourc𝗲 of this content n/o/v/(𝒆l)bi((n))

Thus, the rationale Battle Emperor immediately chose to work with the other two.

This was also something that Dragon Sovereign and Snow Devil Old Man had in mind. Hence, after hearing Battle Emperor’s words, they nodded with grim expressions.

Buzz buzz!

Vast Spirit Power unfurled from the trio’s bodies at this moment, turning into three enormous silhouettes behind each of them. As the giant silhouettes breathed, Spirit Power tempests raged. It was a very astonishing sight.

When the three giant silhouettes appeared, the expressions of the far away Ice Spirit Tribe experts slightly changed, and they could not help but speak in low voices, “The three lords have activated the Ultimate Sovereign Avatar technique!”

“The three lords are finally going to attack for real. Let’s see how that fellow will be able to withstand their attacks this time!”

“How can he possibly withstand their attacks. It is after all the combined fury of three Heavenly Sovereigns. No matter how powerful he is, he can’t possible take on all three of them alone.”

Whispers spread amongst the Ice Spirit Tribe experts. It was clear that the overwhelming auras given off by the three Ultimate Sovereign Avatars had greatly boosted their confidence.

“Honourable one, you are indeed extraordinary. However, we have after all given our promise to Ice Spirit Ancestor. Therefore, we can only join hands today, and persuade you to leave.” Dragon Sovereign gazed at Lin Dong and spoke in a deep voice.

As a member of the dragon tribe, he revered power. Thus, although Lin Dong on the opposite side, the great power he possessed was still able to win Dragon Sovereign’s acknowledgement and respect.

Not even the slightest ripple could be seen on Lin Dong’s determined face. This was because nothing would be able to stop him, before he saw the woman in his heart revived once again.

“Then go ahead and attack.” Lin Dong said. His voice was akin to a lofty mountain, while his body seemed to tower over them. Even the eight winds would not move him.

Battle Emperor, Snow Devil Old Man and Dragon Sovereign exchanged a look. Without any unnecessary words, the trio’s hands swiftly formed seals. At the same time, the giant silhouettes behind them also displayed similar seals.


Boundless Spirit Power churned and surged. In the end, it converged at an alarming speed. Three sets of frightening Spirit Power ripples undulated across the area, causing even the air to shudder. Anyone could tell that the attacks prepared by the trio were powerful ultimate techniques.

Lin Dong stood in the distant sky. His expression was akin to a rippleless ancient well, and it was as if he was unaware of the trio’s eminent terrifying attacks. However, a bright light faintly flashed across his pupils.

Huu huu!

Wild winds howled, while the area within a hundred thousand feet of Snow Devil Old Man was pervaded by snowflakes. His eyes gradually turned white, and a long while later, the seals formed by his hands suddenly froze.

“Frozen Underworld Divine Killing Wind!”

A shout rang out from Snow Devil Old Man’s throat. The extreme cold Qi emitting giant silhouette behind him suddenly opened its mouth, and a howling noise emerged. One could only watch as a cold and viscous pitch-black wind mixed with snowflakes flew forth.

Even the air was frozen wherever this viscous black wind passed. It was as if a world of ice had descended, and any living creature within it would be frozen and sealed.

Meanwhile, an ear-splitting dragon roar exploded from the giant dragon like silhouette behind Dragon Sovereign, and a tightly clenched dragon claw abruptly flew forth.

A golden wave rippled outwards, destroying everything before it.

“Nine Layer True Dragon Force!”

The golden wave devastated the area as if it contained the power of annihilation. Everything was turned into nothingness wherever it passed.

The giant silhouette behind Battle Emperor flickered in and out of existence, as orderly armies appeared within it one by one. Battle intent leaped upwards, dashing out from the top of the Ultimate Sovereign Avatar’s head, and rocketing straight into the heavens.

Battle intent churned as an enormous golden seal formed within it. The golden seal emitted waves of surging battle intent, and it was as if countless battle cries were resounding within it. Such power could shake the universe.

Battle Emperor lifted his head, gazing at the giant golden seal as he deeply exhaled a breath of air. Soon after, he lightly lifted his palm, and said in an indifferent manner, “Nine Heavens Battle God Seal, go.”


A humming noise erupted from the seal. In the next instant, it directly tore through the void, bringing with it boundless battle intent, as it descended upon Lin Dong’s like ominous black clouds.

To Lin Dong’s front was a viscous black wind. Behind him was a golden shock wave with the power of annihilation, and above him was the golden seal. It was clear that all paths of retreat had been sealed.

Moreover, anyone could see that the Battle Emperor trio had used their full power this time. Such attacks were countless times more terrible than previously.

“That fellow will surely be defeated this time!”

The eyes of the Ice Spirit Tribe experts were fanatical. They were unable to imagine how any Spirit Grade Heavenly Sovereign would be able to survive these three terrifying attacks.

Gazes containing feelings of having vented one’s anger turned towards Lin Dong one by one. However, the numerous Ice Spirit Tribe experts were bewildered to discover, that the former had not moved at all even in this situation where he was surrounded by the three attacks.

“Has he been scared foolish?” Several people gloatingly guessed.

Under the attention of those numerous mocking gazes, Lin Dong finally moved. He lifted his head slightly, as he gazed at the three approaching attacks with an unchanged expression. Subsequently, his eyes slowly closed.

His actions landed in the eyes of the Battle Emperor trio, causing them to frown. Was he really going to give up?

The trio exchanged a look. The fact that they were able to reach this stage naturally meant that none of them were foolish individuals. Regardless of whether Lin Dong intended to give up, they would not stop their attacks.


However, their expressions suddenly changed at this moment. They had seen Lin Dong’s hands form a set of strange seals, and a black speck seemed to appear between his hands.

The black speck swiftly grew. Several breaths later, it had swelled to size of a human head. In the end, Lin Dong’s hands were released, and a black hole spread in front of him, swallowing his body in the process.

This bizarre black hole quietly hovered, as a faint voice seemed to emerge from within it.

“Devouring Ancestral Symbol, Devour All Things.”

The black hole rippled, and at this very moment, the three full powered attacks of the Battle Emperor trio abruptly arrived.

The pitch-black viscous wind mixed with snowflakes was the first blow over. However, the moment it touched the black hole, it disappeared into nothingness. It was as if it had been swallowed by the black hole, and not even the slightest ripples had emerged.

The golden shock wave quickly followed. Yet, when it charged into the black hole, the latter merely heaved for a moment, before returning to its calm state.

The only one that caused a slightly greater disturbance was Battle Emperor’s golden seal. After it dashed into the black hole, golden light seemed to struggle within the hole, but was completely swallowed by the strange darkness moments later.

In the short span of less than a dozen breaths, the three terrible attacks, that could destroy any Spirit Grade Heavenly Sovereign, were noiselessly extinguished in this manner…

The expressions of the distant Ice Spirit Tribe experts were somewhat dull when they saw this scene. Several seconds later, they involuntarily rubbed their eyes, skeptical that they had seen some sort of illusion.

Had the three destructive attacks, that the Battle Emperor trio had poured all their power into, really vanished in such an a manner?

“This is a joke, right?”

An Ice Spirit Tribe expert mumbled. Their gazes could not help but sweep towards the Battle Emperor trio, suspecting that the trio had purposefully lost this exchange.


Under these gazes, Battle Emperor, Dragon Sovereign and Snow Devil Old Man released a soft groan, and blood surfaced at the corner of their mouths.

They ignored the blood, because their eyes were currently filled with terror as they looked at the strange slowly rotating black hole in the distance.

Others might not know, but they had clearly felt their attacks being thoroughly devoured by an extremely tyrannical force the moment they landed on the black hole…

The black hole revolved, and a figure walked out from within. Lin Dong was completely fine, and even his clothes remained undamaged. There was still no change to his calm and determined face.

With a clench of his hand, the black hole transformed into a ray of black light that shot into his palm. He lifted his head and looked at the Battle Emperor trio. Although he did not speak, a heart palpitating aura slowly spread.

As the Ice Spirit Tribe experts watched Lin Dong walk out from the black hole, any suspicions that they had previously completely evaporated. Subsequently, a deathly pale look subconsciously surfaced on their faces. Even the combined might of three Heavenly Sovereign was unable to hurt Lin Dong. Exactly how terrifying was this individual?!

“Still have any moves?” Lin Dong gazed at the trio as he said in a flat tone.

Dragon Sovereign and Snow Devil Old Man exchanged a look, before they bitterly laughed, “This honorable one’s strength surpasses the ordinary. We are completely outclassed. Consider us to have grossly overestimated ourselves with regards to today’s matter.”

As they spoke, the two slowly withdrew. It was obvious that they had already acknowledged the current state of affairs. The man before their eyes was not someone whom they could match.

Battle Emperor’s expression was rather ugly. Over the years, he had won every battle, causing his arrogance to grow. Hence, the feeling of encountering such a powerful existence like Lin Dong was undoubtedly extremely uncomfortable.

However, no matter how uncomfortable it was, he could only acknowledge the reality before his eyes.

Thus, Battle Emperor could only grit his teeth, and retreat with a steely green face.

However, while he was withdrawing, a sliver of iciness emerged in Lin Dong’s gaze as it locked onto the former. Next, a low voice rang out.

“You dishonoured my wife earlier. Do you really think it will be so easy for you to withdraw now?”

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